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Your HVAC system is supposed to be a source of home comfort in your Hagerstown, Maryland, home. When funny odors come from the HVAC system, it can ruin the ambiance of your home. Based on the odor, we can usually pinpoint what’s going wrong and then determine how to fix it. If you’re experiencing unpleasant odors when the HVAC system kicks on, call us right away.

Your Air Filter Is Dirty

A dirty air filter is bad for your indoor air quality, but, thankfully, it’s a fixable problem. You should be changing that air filter every month or two. The air filter can only accumulate so much debris before it stops filtering properly. At that point, the filter will no longer be able to protect you from dust, spores and other airborne debris. If you leave it for long enough, that air filter will start to smell. Every time your HVAC system kicks on, that smell will move through your ducts and into your home.

If the air filter ever gets wet, it’ll create a mold odor in your home. The moisture in the dark areas of the HVAC system creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow. Always check and change the air filter as recommended.

Your Drain Pan Isn’t Draining

The drain pan collects any condensation that drips off your coils and drains it away. When the drain pan gets clogged, water pools and will start to smell if not addressed. Bacteria and mildew will probably start to grow in that water very quickly. The standing water will also cause a musty or mildewy smell. 

Call a professional to find out if the drain pan is causing the bad odor. We will have the right tools to access hard-to-reach areas and fix the problem.

Your Ducts Have Holes

All kinds of bad smells can permeate your HVAC system if your ducts have leaks, holes or gaps. The most common is a dusty, dirty smell. Small holes allow dust and dirt to enter the ductwork. That debris then flows through your vents and into your house.

Holes can also mean rodents or other pests have gotten into your HVAC system. Alive or dead, those will create odors that are even worse. Duct holes could also bring bad smells from other parts of the house to your main living spaces. If you have a musty attic or a mildew-infested basement, holes in your ductwork will take those scents to other areas in your home.

A professional duct inspection is the only way to find most ductwork issues. We will repair the problems we do find. We’ll also clean your ducts and remove any odor-causing detritus.

Your System Needs Maintenance

Routine HVAC maintenance eliminates dirt and other debris that can make the interior of your ducts smell foul. A collection of dust mites, bits of bugs, mildew, and animal dander all add up to create nasty odors that permeate your home. Even when you change your air filter regularly, you still need regular maintenance. Even the best air filter can’t get every single particulate. Plus, the longer you go between maintenance appointments, the more chances dirt has to build up inside your system and start to smell.

Every time you get HVAC maintenance, we clean any debris out from inside your air handler. Nothing will sit to create lingering bad smells that you can’t find the source of or get rid of.

Need help identifying the source of an HVAC odor? Tired of your home not smelling the way it should? Griffith Energy Services has encountered all these problems and more, and we’re well-equipped to hunt down and treat your HVAC odor troubles. Always remember to let us do the dirty work. Other than changing your filter, most HVAC projects are best left to a professional. Rest assured we’ll solve your indoor air quality woes and have your HVAC system spick and span in no time. Call us today at 888-474-3391.

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