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RegalThe roots of the Boyertown Furnace Company can be traced back to 1939 when Frank Wilhelm entered the HVAC industry. Wilhelm utilized his knowledge of the heating cycle to design and manufacture an early oil-fired warm air furnace known as the “Hallmark.” He later founded the Atlantic Heating and Cooling Company, located in Baltimore, MD.

Boyertown purchased the company in 1980 and moved the manufacturing facilities to Boyertown, PA. Always maintaining its commitment to Wilhelm’s vision of quality, Boyertown subsequently added Regal oil-fired furnaces to its product line. Today, the company offers six different furnace models designed for a variety of commercial and residential applications.

Regal Warm Air Oil Fired Furnaces

With AFUE efficiency ratings up to 85.9, Regal manufactures some of the most efficient oil-fired furnaces on the market. This is primarily due to the inclusion of a variable-speed electronically commutated motor (ECM) in place of the standard permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor used to drive the blower fan in conventional furnaces.

PSC motors operate in either a full-on or full-off mode, which wastes energy and results in uncomfortable bursts of air when the system engages. Conversely, the Regal variable-speed ECM motor automatically changes its operating velocity based on the load requirement, reducing electricity usage and eliminating cold spots and stale air.

Conventional furnaces and air conditioners are sized according to Manual J design standards to provide sufficient capacity on the coldest and hottest days of the year. With a PSC motor, energy is wasted by operating the blower at full power even in mild temperatures. The Regal ECM motor will run in the low-speed mode on most days and only operate at a higher speed when outdoor conditions are extreme. The variable speed motor is a perfect match for two-stage condensing units and heat pumps.

Regal oil-fired warm air furnaces are available in both low-boy and high-boy configurations to fit a variety of irregular spaces. BTU inputs range from 85,000-175,000. In addition to the Carlin EZ-H2L, Beckett or Riello burners are compatible with Regal furnaces. Every furnace has a primary heat exchanger lined with 18R stainless steel and a 14-gauge secondary unit. The combustion chamber is made of ceramic fiber in a one-piece design for easy service. Each unit includes enclosed vestibules for quick access to clean the ports. Boyertown extends a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner of every furnace they sell.

Regal Furnace and Carlin EZ-H2L Burner

Adding a Carlin EZ-H2L burner to a Regal warm air furnace can provide efficiencies previously unattainable in an oil-fired residential furnace. The Carlin EZ-H2L uses an advanced step modulation burner that allows the furnace to operate with a turndown ratio of 50 percent. In essence, the burner fires on high for only 45 seconds, and then drops to the low-fire setting until the thermostat call has been satisfied. In instances where the furnace recognizes an inability to satisfy the demand, it automatically shifts to the high-fire mode.

Oil Furnace Quality and Efficiency

As an industry leader in the production of oil-fired warm air furnaces, Boyertown’s Regal brand provides exceptional quality, reliability, efficiency, and innovative design. Those with an aging or malfunctioning oil furnace may consider the many advantages offered by the Regal ECM Hybrid Synergy System.


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