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If the HVAC system or water heater in your Columbia home is experiencing issues, you should repair it as soon as possible. If left unattended, small problems can quickly escalate into major ones that can be very difficult and costly to repair. While some people prefer to leave repairs in the hands of professionals, you may relish the challenge of doing it yourself. Repairing a HVAC unit or water heater yourself not only satisfies your inner handyman; it also enables you to save on repair costs.

However, it is important to know that some HVAC and water heater repairs should only be done by professionals. If you wish to do certain repairs yourself, make sure you have the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to perform them correctly. Improper or erroneous repair may lead to bigger problems or jeopardize your well-being. Be aware of these five dangers if you decide to do HVAC and water heater repairs yourself.

Fixing the Wrong Component

Repairing an HVAC system or water heater involves more than just fixing a problem. You also need to perform a thorough inspection to correctly identify the issue. This is often not an easy task, considering that there are numerous components to inspect. If you mistakenly repair a part that is not faulty, you will just be wasting time and effort. Many people do not have the equipment, tools, and knowledge needed to identify the source of an HVAC or water heater problem. Instead of speculating, it is wiser to seek the assistance of a professional whenever you are in doubt.

Working With High-Voltage Electricity

An HVAC system and a water heater use high-voltage systems to operate at peak capacity. It is essential to have the proper safety gear when you repair a unit that runs on electricity. Besides putting yourself at risk of being electrocuted, there is also a chance that you may cause sparking, burning wires, and other kinds of damage. Every component in an HVAC unit or water heater is interconnected. One damaged component may cause other components or the entire unit to malfunction, resulting in bigger problems and costlier repairs.

Exposing Yourself to Harmful Chemicals

Another thing you have to keep in mind when you are repairing your HVAC unit or water heater is that you may have to handle dangerous chemicals. For instance, an HVAC system uses a toxic refrigerant to produce cooling effects. Besides handling this hazardous chemical safely, you also have to know how to dispose of it safely. This highly-poisonous chemical can cause severe health problems or even death when inhaled and contribute significantly to environmental pollution when improperly disposed of. Even qualified technicians are required to obtain EPA certification before they are legally allowed to handle cooling mechanisms.

Losing Your Service Warranties

Professional HVAC and water heater services often come with warranties on components and labor. However, these warranties may become invalid if you decide to perform a repair yourself and cause damage to your system. If you lose your service warranty, you may have to pay the full price if you need professional repair in the future. In addition, you may incur medical expenses if you injure yourself while repairing your HVAC or water heater.

Damaging Gas Lines

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 48 percent of American homes use natural gas for heating. While it is one of the most widely used heating fuels in the country, it is highly flammable. If you are planning to repair an HVAC system or water heater that uses natural gas or install a gas line, you should never do it yourself. A licensed cooling and heating technician knows how to take the necessary safety precautions and repair the equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid hazards such as explosion and fire.

Before you start performing any HVAC or water heater repair, it is essential to understand the dangers involved in the task. Although hiring a qualified technician costs money, it will give you the peace of mind that your unit will be problem-free and function optimally. If you are looking for high-quality professional HVAC or water heater repair services, call Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391.

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