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When you’re looking for a high-tech heating system for your Dover, Delaware, home, not just any model will do. From a variable-speed motor to a desuperheater, check out six high-tech features your new Dover, DE heating system needs.

Second Heat Exchanger

While your new gas furnace can certainly operate with a single heat exchanger, a second one can give its performance a substantial boost. High-efficiency gas furnaces with a second heat exchanger can extract energy from their own exhaust gases to ensure that they waste almost no energy.

These models are known as condensing gas furnaces, since they tend to produce several gallons of condensed water per day during a typical winter day in Dover. A condensate pump then drains away the excess water to keep things running smoothly.

Variable-Speed Motor

When it comes to heating systems, the Griffith Energy Services team knows that gas furnaces aren’t right for every Dover home. Since Dover winters tend to be mild, heat pumps can be smart choices for local homeowners, especially since these systems also offer cooling during the summer months.

If you’re considering a heat pump, you’ll want to look for one with a variable-speed motor. This feature fine-tunes the speed of the heat pump’s blower, which means it wastes very little energy while keeping you incredibly comfortable all year round.

Scroll Compressor

Some of the most advanced heat pumps also have scroll compressors instead of increasingly outdated piston compressors. Not only do scroll compressors tend to last longer than their counterparts, but they also provide warmer air. On a chilly winter day, you’ll appreciate that your system can keep you 10 to 15 degrees warmer than some older heating systems can.


If you’re still debating between installing a heat pump or a furnace, this feature could settle things once and for all. Some heat pumps come with a feature known as a desuperheater, which captures the waste heat when your heat pump is in cooling mode. The system uses that recovered energy to heat water much more efficiently than your water heater can.

This feature may not boost your heat pump’s power during the heating season, but it does give this type of system an advantage in the cooling season. Since Dover is known for its warm summers, this type of system can keep you comfortable all year long.

Smart Thermostat

When you want to take your heating and cooling technology up a notch or two, a smart thermostat is essential. Talk with our team about the right device to pair with your new furnace or heat pump, and we’ll also show you how to program it for maximum efficiency. This will ensure that your heating bills are as low as possible and that your new heating system enjoys a long life.

We’ll also show you how to log into your smart thermostat using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. From there, you can adjust the temperature and humidity settings or check energy reports to confirm that your system’s energy consumption is on track. Most smart thermostats even offer air filter replacement and HVAC maintenance reminders to help you keep your system in great shape.

Indoor Air Quality Add-Ons

Even if staying warm during the winter is most important for your household, you also need a heating system that can improve your air quality at the same time. Whether your home tends to get incredibly dusty in the winter or you’re dealing with allergies to pet dander or mold, a whole-house air purifier can help. By working seamlessly with your heating system, this HVAC add-on can remove impurities from the air and keep your family healthier all through the heating season.

If you frequently deal with humidity issues, a humidifier can give your air quality a boost during the heating season, which tends to be drying. Adding a whole-house humidifier to your HVAC system can boost your new furnace or heat pump’s efficiency while helping to stave off colds and germs all winter long.

Ready to find the ideal new heating system for your Dover home? Call the heating pros at Griffith Energy Services, Inc. today: 888-721-5705.

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