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Propane is an inexpensive and versatile energy source that can power many of the same devices and appliances that, in the minds of most, run on only electricity or natural gas. Propane should be of particular interest to homeowners in Frederick, MD because, in most cases, it is considerably more efficient than these other energy sources. Here are just a few items and appliances in your home that you can power with propane.

1. Heating Systems

Both furnaces and space heaters can come in propane-powered versions. While most furnaces run on natural gas, their propane-powered cousins convert the liquefied propane gas that sits inside propane tanks into gaseous form, move that gas over heat exchangers and then blow and distribute the resulting heat through your ductwork and across your home. Propane-powered space heaters operate according to a similar principle, except that they are much smaller and are only effective for warming one room at a time.

You can also power boilers with propane. As with other uses, propane can easily be cheaper and more energy-efficient relative to other energy sources for boilers, such as electricity and heating oil. Not only can we supply you with ample fuel for your propane boiler, but our team also has the skills to repair it or replace older models with new ones.

2. Generators

Many generators run on gasoline or use batteries to hold electricity in the case of a power outage, but propane-powered generators also exist. Standby generators are useful and even life-saving devices for those who find themselves trapped in the middle of severe weather and without power.

3. Stoves and Other Cooking Devices

Propane-powered stoves and ranges distribute heat much more evenly throughout pots, pans and other cookware than ranges with electric coils. They also offer more precise temperature control and can heat up food much more quickly, in addition to being more efficient than natural gas ranges. The same considerations also hold for propane-powered ovens, so you can cook or bake whatever you want to perfection.

Many grills and other outdoor cooking installations also consume propane. Propane-based units are much easier to clean than those that use charcoal, as they don’t use soot-producing fuel to combust.

4. Water Heaters

Compared to electric water heaters, models that use propane tend to heat water quite a bit faster. Rising standards for propane water heaters have allowed them to close the efficiency gap that existed between them and electrically powered alternatives. Moreover, tankless propane-powered water heaters are quite compact, so it’s less of a challenge to find room for them if your home is short on space.

5. Clothes Dryers

Perhaps surprisingly, propane can also help you dry your clothes. You can end up paying about half as much per load of clothes if you use a propane-powered dryer than you would pay if you used an electrically powered one, depending on what the pricing is like in your area. Propane dryers also produce fewer wrinkles in your clothes and generate a slightly moist heat that ultimately subjects your clothes to a gentler and less taxing drying cycle.

6. Outdoor Appliances

Propane can power a number of different outdoor appliances, including lighting fixtures. This particular propane application may come as a special surprise considering that nearly everyone just about always associates lamps, bulbs and lighting with electricity. Nevertheless, propane can indeed fuel certain types of outdoor lights.

If you’re so inclined, you can also heat your pool with propane gas. Lastly, you can switch on a fire pit or outdoor fireplace on your porch, deck or patio and use propane to keep everyone in the area warm.

As you can see, propane has many clear advantages as a fuel and can power an impressive diversity of critical items. To start reaping the benefits of propane power, just call Griffith Energy Services and request propane delivery to your home in Frederick, MD.

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