Most furnaces last around 10-25 years, and at some point, Washington, DC homeowners are going to need to install a new one. Whether you are considering furnace installation for a new house or replacing an old furnace, here are the factors you need to consider when choosing a new furnace in Washington, DC.

1. Fuel Type

Furnaces mainly use gas, oil and electricity as sources of energy. When replacing an old furnace, consider buying a furnace that uses the same fuel type as the old furnace. Unless you will be switching fuel types too, this is an essential factor to consider.

Gas is readily available; therefore, it is the most frequently used fuel with cheaper installation costs than oil furnaces. For areas lacking natural gas, oil is the closest option. Its price and maintenance costs are higher, though it produces more heat than the other two fuel types.

Electricity offers a cleaner fuel source with cheaper installation costs, making it favorable. It works better for furnaces that serve smaller homes and is more efficient for furnaces using heat pumps. Consult a Washington, DC heating contractor to learn more about your best options for replacing an old furnace.

2. Type of Furnace

As we’ve just reviewed, the different types are gas furnaces, electric furnaces and oil furnaces. The most common among these is the gas furnace that comes in three forms. They include single-stage furnaces, two-stage furnaces and modulating gas furnaces.

A single-stage furnace burner either burns high or is off. It is great for milder climates and has higher energy costs. Two-stage gas furnaces have high and low operational settings. For milder climates, the furnace can run on low and provide the needed heat for the home.

Modulating gas furnaces regulate heat to any level and will always keep the house at comfortable temperatures while using energy efficiently. Electric furnaces are economical as they use your local electric power, but they heat more slowly than oil or gas furnaces. They also work well for smaller houses and heat pumps. Oil furnaces produce massive heat but use expensive fuel that is not readily available.

3. Type of Filter

The type of filter your furnace uses is essential in maintaining good indoor air quality. Investing in a high-end filter that comes with electrostatic capabilities helps trap fine dust particles present in the air you breathe.

The electrical charge in the filter aids in keeping away ailments such as acute allergies and respiratory problems. HEPA (high-efficiency particulate arresting) filters are convenient in that they provide high indoor air quality.

4. Features of the Furnace

For longevity, consider the features integrated into the design of the furnace. A furnace with two-stage valves helps in fuel flow control, while those that have sealed combustion eliminate carbon monoxide dangers while maintaining energy efficiency.

5. The Brand of the Furnace

There are several furnace brands from different manufacturers with different abilities. Depending on customer feedback and reviews, availability of parts and ease of upgrades, pick the best brand that will effectively serve you. If you choose to work with Griffith Energy Services, we carry and install a broad range of furnace brands, and our installation team has the expertise to give you guidance on which brand will be best for your needs and budget.

6. Manufacturer Warranty

Check if the seller offers a warranty for the furnace. The warranty will serve as an investment security, and you can always return the furnace for a replacement if there is a malfunction. However, it is advisable to do regular maintenance checks for your furnace for the warranty to remain valid.

7. All-Round Budget

Planning a budget for your furnace should not only factor the purchase and installation costs. It would be best to consider the expenses you will incur in fuel, repairs and maintenance. Consider the installation charges that you are comfortable with and that fits your budget.

Look for the best technicians and top-notch labor when considering a new furnace. Your technician should give you tips on the maintenance required for the type of furnace you choose, including the overall maintenance costs.

Choosing the right type of furnace that is effective and compatible is vital, and professional assistance always comes in handy. If you are looking for professional gas furnace repairs and quality heating services in the eastern region, call us today at Griffith Energy Services, Inc.

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