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Baltimore, Maryland, homeowners often think about how they can make their homes more comfortable without posing a risk to the environment. Thanks to these up-and-coming eco-friendly technologies from the HVAC industry, year-round home comfort is one reality that’s easily obtained.

Energy Analysis Software

Innovative energy analysis software is allowing architects, engineers, and even HVAC technicians to install the most energy-efficient, cost-saving systems on the market. There are a variety of analytical software products that have become widely available in recent years, which have changed how every HVAC professional approaches, selects, and implements heating and cooling technologies.

Ice-Powered Air Conditioners

A company out of Glendale, California, has designed an ice-powered air conditioning unit that not only cools commercial office buildings, but also reduces a building’s total energy consumption. This new technology works by freezing large amounts of water in a tank overnight, making ice available for use the next day. Once switched on, the unit provides up to six hours of cooling, and when the ice melts, the building’s commercial A/C unit kicks in. The development is still in its early stages, and the ice-powered air conditioner isn’t available on a large scale yet, but it just goes to show what kinds of green technologies are currently being tested — and what kinds of solutions we may expect on the market just a few short years from now.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal technology isn’t exactly new, but it has gained popularity in recent years and is currently the most energy-efficient, eco-friendly heating and cooling solution you can buy. Geothermal technology works by drawing energy out of the earth. When you need to heat your home, the geothermal heat pump extracts the heat from the ground and distributes it into the system. When you need cooling, the process is reversed and the system draws warmth out of the home. As a bonus, you also get free hot water from geothermal technology, making this one a smart option you can have installed in your home today.

Thermally Driven Air Conditioning

A brand new thermally-driven air conditioning system has been invented in Australia and is touted as a low-cost alternative to conventional AC units. Essentially, it eliminates electricity costs altogether because it doesn’t require any electricity to operate. Instead, it utilizes energy from solar panels. We’ve already seen geothermal technology change the face of modern heating and cooling as we know it, so it’s highly likely that a thermally-driven cooling system will be mass-marketed to the public within the next decade or so, although we’ll still have to wait on this one.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating is one innovative solution you can have installed in your home today. Radiant floor heating has increased in popularity because it’s a truly invisible type of heating system that reduces energy costs and heats your home efficiently. Heat is distributed by hot-water tubes or electric wires running through the floor, which then warms the entire surface of the floor evenly, providing a gentle warmth that’s quite pleasant to walk on. Hot-water radiant heating is the most energy-efficient choice, but it is generally the costlier of the two. Regardless of whether you choose hot-water or electric, radiant floor heating is a great solution for any Maryland home.

HVAC Zoning

Zoned HVAC systems constitute innovative technology that’s already changing the face of HVAC as we know it. A zoned system is simply one in which your home is divided into two or more heating and cooling zones, allowing you to control them separately. This can be achieved with a traditional HVAC system, but ductless mini splits are increasingly becoming a popular option for homeowners who don’t want to have a central HVAC system installed.

A zoned system ensures that every room in your home is the ideal temperature and that unused rooms can be closed off so as not to waste any heating or cooling energy.

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