Cutting costs is second nature to you. You’re the queen of coupons, the king of cutting Columbia, Maryland, utility bills in half. You take good care of your HVAC system and closely watch your energy usage. But even with all your efficient habits, you still feel like there’s more you could do. You’re always looking for more ways to save. While there’s plenty in your home that you can control, you can only directly influence so much without a little additional help. 

Today’s home automation technology makes it possible for you to take more control over routine activities for even greater savings. You know how to save money, so bring that knowledge to your home on a deeper level. Here’s how home automation will save you big bucks.

What Is Home Automation?

When many people hear about automation, the word conjures images of the home thinking for itself and secretly plotting the overthrow of its human masters. You won’t be at that level of sci-fi with the solutions we’re introducing. Automation simply makes it easier for you to manage tasks in your home. That means that security, heating and cooling, and electricity are all brought under a single system—one that you can access from anywhere, as long as you have internet connection. Home automation is all about connectivity. Let’s get into a few specific ways that the connectivity of home automation will save you money.

Heating and Cooling

How does it benefit you to stay connected to your HVAC system? If you’ve installed a smart thermostat in the past, you may have already seen the perks of being able to control your indoor temperature from anywhere. Let’s say you left home for an evening on the town and forgot to adjust the previous setting. As it is likely to be cooler in the evening, you will just be wasting money by leaving the thermostat at the lower setting. However, with home automation, all you need to do is get out your smart device and adjust your home’s temperature, from any location where you have internet access.

In addition to remote temperature control, most home automation systems also run regular diagnostics on energy usage in the home. With those reports, you can see where your energy-saving habits may be falling short and adjust accordingly.


Imagine you left your home for work and realized you forgot to turn off the TV after watching the morning news. Or maybe the kids left the lights on (despite reminding them for the umpteenth time). Thanks to home automation, you can easily turn off electronics and lights with a tap of your finger. Not only does that save money on electric bills, but the ability to monitor those features of your home allows you to rest easy for the remainder of the day, rather than worrying about how much money you’re losing to wasted energy.


Getting robbed is not only frightening, but it’s also costly. Repairing damage caused by intruders and replacing any stolen items can take a bite out of your budget, especially if you had no insurance. You worry about criminals breaking in, but you’d hate making it easier for them by leaving a window or door open. Never again will you have to wonder if you locked the door. Now, you can do it remotely. Some automation systems, like Marex, will monitor your home for suspicious activity 24/7 and alert you if anything comes up. On vacation and worried that a dark home will draw intruders? Turn lights on and off remotely, to make it look like someone’s home.


Believe it or not, your insurance company doesn’t just want your money; they want to save their own as well. While home automation technology is still growing, insurance companies recognize that automated homes reduce chances of damage and as a result, they’ll sometimes offer reduced premiums to homeowners with automation technology.

Technological advancements all come with their pros and cons, but it’s honestly hard to find anything negative about home automation. With these systems, you can save, stay secure and keep comfortable. To learn how Marex home automation cuts AC cooling costs, call Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391.

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