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Winters in Dover, DE can reach well below freezing and push your HVAC system to its limits. The safety of your family and home is top priority, so you need to prepare for dangerous weather conditions. Below are some tips to help you avoid HVAC emergencies in winter.

Keep Up With Preventive Maintenance

One of the first things you should do to avoid an HVAC emergency this winter is to have us inspect and tune up your central heating system from top to bottom. When our technicians come out to give your heater a preventive tune-up, they’ll check all the different components and identify any potential issues before they turn into bigger problems. It’s much better to discover any needed repairs now than to have your heater break down when temperatures reach their lowest.

Along with preventive maintenance for your furnace or boiler, as a maintenance plan member you’ll also receive discounts on parts and repairs, warranties on labor and defects and priority status if a heating emergency does arise. So sign up and schedule an inspection today.

Clean or Change Heater Filters

Replacing your HVAC air filters regularly keeps your heater running efficiently and reduces the likelihood of a breakdown. Most filter manufacturers recommend changing out those filters every 90 days, but your needs may vary. During seasons of heavy use – and for households with multiple family members, pets and residents with medical conditions, we recommend replacing filters as often as every month.

Stock Up on Heating Oil and Propane

You can have the latest and greatest heating system in the neighborhood, but if a storm snows you in and you run out of fuel, that can create a very dangerous situation. Stocking up on heating fuel before and during the winter is important, but what can you do if you have mobility issues or transportation problems? We have just the solution for that.

Sign up with our home heating oil and propane delivery service to provide a steady supply of fuel to keep your home warm all winter. We can make heating fuel deliveries according to a regular schedule or simply as needed so that you always have fuel on hand to last through heavy storms. And we can provide this service for commercial customers as well.

Fix Your Heating Problems Now

Deferred maintenance is never your friend. Putting off heating repairs doesn’t solve your problem, and it’s just more likely to create additional problems that you could avoid instead.

Responding to issues before they have time to turn into something bigger is an effective way of avoiding a complete system breakdown. If you have been experiencing reduced heating performance in previous seasons, or if you’re noticing unusual noises or odors coming from your heater and air ducts, address that problem before it creates an emergency down the road.

Replace Your Old Heater

You always want to take good care of your furnace, boiler or heat pump and get as many years of use out of it as possible. But the day will eventually come when you need to replace it.

A new heating installation is a big job that will require time, planning and preparation. So it’s important to consult with our heating installation experts as soon as you can before temperatures drop below freezing.

The last thing you want is to get stuck mid-installation with no active heating system when a snowstorm hits. That’s the worst time because our phones may already be ringing off the hook with other customers facing the same situation.

If your home’s heating system is acting up, don’t wait for it to break down and leave your family with no heat in winter. Likewise, you don’t want to wait if your old heater is already pushing well past the 15-year mark. Contact Griffith Energy Services, Inc. for a new heating installation today.

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