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At Griffith Energy Services, we are dedicated to keeping our customers in Baltimore, MD educated about the latest improvements in the HVAC industry. Indoor air quality issues have received a lot of attention in recent years, and HVAC innovations are really making it possible to aggressively improve the environment of your residence. Not only do these developments help your health, but they also make a positive impact on your household budget.

The Connection Between Health and Budget

One of the most important ways your budget is affected by your indoor air quality is through health problems. You may not make the connection at first. However, your budget can be severely stressed when you miss a week of work because of a flu virus. Medical bills associated with allergy problems or second hand smoke can also be stressful. Improved health can reduce healthcare expenses, and indoor air quality can play a major role as it affects your physical wellbeing. The air in your home can be significantly more polluted than that outdoors, and using equipment from industry specialists like Aprilaire can really help.

Air Cleaning Systems

If you suffer from allergies, you may use an air filter with a high MERV rating to eliminate more allergens, dust and spores from circulation in your home. A good air filter is important in moderating your home’s indoor air quality. However, some households find that a filter alone doesn’t solve severe allergy problems. An air cleaner from Aprilaire can be a valuable HVAC component in your fight against airborne pathogens. 

Whole-house purification systems coordinate with your air conditioning and heating to provide more intense filtration. These units work effectively at removing dust and dust mites from the air stream in your home. They also kill bacteria and viruses. Issues that can affect your budget by impacting your health can be addressed thoroughly. 

Humidity and Your Budget

Another indoor air quality concern that can affect your budget is humidity. When your home is too dry, wood and other materials can be damaged. Similarly, too much humidity can cause damage through warping and mold development. While the health concerns experienced with these conditions can be expensive, the replacement of furnishings and structural materials can also affect your budget adversely. 

A humidifier is excellent for use during the winter months. It improves the issues related to cracking wood and plaster, saving you money on interior renovation. It can also help with health concerns like dry skin and sinuses. A dehumidifier is great for the humid summer climate in our region. It can help with comfort issues that can affect your ability to sleep and hinder your productivity at work. It can also help impede mold development that may damage furniture and decor. Aprilaire models are especially reliable due to the company’s history in inventing and improving some of the first whole-home humidification systems.

Ventilation Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

A whole-home ventilator is excellent for improving indoor conditions. A lack of fresh air in your home can lead to further amplification of the effects of pollutants. With a ventilator, your home receives a consistent supply of fresh air from outside, good for diluting the concentration of irritating airborne materials. Preconditioning makes it possible to take in fresh air without causing the need for excessive heating or cooling, sparing your budget while improving indoor conditions.

Precision Controls Improve the Atmosphere While Curbing Costs

A high-quality control system can make a huge difference in your ability to keep household costs related to HVAC equipment down. System zoning is a great source of savings for those who are frustrated with the expense of trying to maintain consistent temperatures in a large home. Programmable thermostats affect your ability to determine exact times for turning on or shutting off equipment. You can even find models that make it possible to adjust settings and check on conditions from a computer or smartphone. 

The innovations are incredible and continue to develop around modern technology trends. As precision improves, savings increase. Many of the Aprilaire controls integrate with both comfort and quality equipment components to provide easy management and monitoring. Experts with Griffith Energy Services can schedule an appointment to analyze your interests and needs. Give us a call to get started.

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