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Electric power outages can arise from different factors, such as weather and power line failures. Generac generators function as sources of power backup in the event of a blackout. If you are a resident of Hillsborough Township, NJ, there are several benefits you stand to gain from investing in a Generac whole-home generator.

Counter Food Losses Due to Decomposition

When you have stocked up your fridge or freezer, an extended blackout can lead to the decomposition of your food items. However, with a standby generator installed, it picks up in seconds during a blackout, thereby preserving the refrigerated components.


A Generac whole-home generator automatically picks up the supply of power into your home without the need to walk out to switch it on. Whether it is pitch dark, stormy or you are away from the house, a Generac standby generator will effectively restore your house’s power supply. Your home security and HVAC system will stay on with no disruptions.

If the gas supply is adequate, the Generac generator will continue working non-stop until the restoration of power. You can also set the generator to power appliances or rooms in your home to save energy. The best part is that it does not limit your usage; you can use it in the whole house.

Safety Measures

A power outage in a home or office with security systems can cause worry. With a standby generator, your security system is back up and armed in a matter of seconds, thus protecting your assets from the risk of burglary.

There is peace of mind for homeowners who may be using electrical medical devices and have installed a generator. Medical devices must stay powered whenever they are in use by the patients.

Besides, Generac generators make use of your home’s natural gas or propane. They release fewer fumes compared to portable fueled generators. This factor helps protect you from dangerous carbon monoxide and leakage of dangerous chemicals.

Preserve the Integrity of Your Electronics

A sudden power surge when power returns after a blackout can short circuit your home appliances and even cause a fire. Generac generators help by allowing a smooth transition between the primary source of power and the backup power supply. The generator will keep running for a while until the main supply is stable, preventing any harmful voltage variations.

Eliminates Any Disturbance and Disruptions.

In this age, virtual meetings and classes have become popular and convenient for so many people. Having a backup power plan will ensure there is no hindrance to your productivity. You will be able to continue your meetings and presentations even in the event of an extended blackout. A standby generator in a work environment will also ensure your colleagues and employees stay connected in the event of a power loss in your building.

Comfort for Family

During the fall, a blackout means a house with high temperatures. Your family and friends can enjoy home comfort with a standby generator even in a blackout because your home appliances and systems will continue operations without any hitch. The HVAC will regulate your home’s climate, your water heater will keep working and your entertainment system stays on for your comfort.

Smart Access

With Generac whole-home generators, you can access your backup power supply from wherever you are. You can remotely monitor the generator using a mobile link. It also allows you to schedule maintenance from your phone, tablet or computer even when you are away from home to ensure your generator is always ready to keep your home powered.

Investing in a whole-home generator may require you to go deep into your wallet, but the benefits will pay off. A whole-home Generac generator will meet your family’s lighting needs and give you peace of mind in case of power failure. Call us at Griffith Energy Services, Inc for maintenance, fuel delivery and other services.

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