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Today’s modern furnaces operate safely and efficiently. Features such as an electronic ignition and a variable-speed motor can keep your Hagerstown, Maryland, home safe and comfortable during the cold season.

Electronic Ignition

On older gas furnaces, a pilot light serves as an ignition source for the main burner, which needs a constant flow of gas. Since the pilot light must always be on, your furnace uses fuel even when you aren’t using it. Modern furnaces avoid this wasted fuel by using an electronic ignition.

Electronic ignition uses an electrical charge to ignite your furnace’s burner, making this function more efficient than a pilot light. Your furnace will only use energy when you turn on your furnace. And since the electric ignition doesn’t use a live flame, your furnace is safer and will save you money on your heating bills.

Variable-Speed Motor

A modern furnace with a variable-speed motor allows you to fine-tune your home’s heating during the cold season. A variable-speed motor adjusts the amount of heat delivered to your home, preventing overheating or underheating. This motor can run smoothly at low speeds, unlike a conventional blower, increasing your furnace’s efficiency and preventing hot and cold spots.

Paired with a programmable thermostat, a variable-speed motor allows your furnace to heat your home exactly the way you want it, keeping your family comfortable and your energy bills low.

Air Pressure Switch

The combustion chamber in your furnace is where fuel ignites to produce heat for your home. Modern furnaces have a safety device called an air pressure switch that monitors the ventilation in the combustion chamber to make sure hazardous gases don’t accumulate in the chamber.

If the air pressure in the combustion chambers drops too low, the air pressure switch sends a signal to shut off the fuel supply to keep both your furnace and family safe.

Whether you choose a gas or oil furnace for your Hagerstown, Maryland, home, Griffith Energy Services can help you with installation, repairs, and maintenance. Call us at 888-474-3391 to find out how we can help you select the best furnace for your home.

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