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Energy efficiency is quickly becoming a more important topic and as such has created a whirlwind of information. While it’s always good to look into ways to be more energy efficient, there is a lot of incorrect info out there. Here are three energy-efficiency myths that you shouldn’t believe.

HVAC Systems Are The Biggest Draw

HVAC systems definitely use a fair bit of energy but they aren’t the main source of energy consumption in your home. Other items, like laundry machines, computers, televisions, and lighting, use up the rest of the energy. They use less than half of the overall energy consumed by your home and the more appropriately you use it, the better the performance will be. Homeowners who try to improve their home’s energy efficiency by rarely using their HVAC system are just reducing their comfort, not necessarily improving their efficiency.

Lowering Temperature Means Faster Results

There’s a misconception that dramatically lowering the temperature of your home will make it cool faster and therefore save money. In fact, this can lead to higher energy consumption as your HVAC system has to work harder to get your home to the selected temperature instead of keeping a comfortable constant. Plus, it won’t necessarily mean your home cools faster, it just means your HVAC system will run longer.

Windows Are The Worst Cause Of Temperature Issues

Window technology has actually improved dramatically over the past few decades and now, windows are no longer the biggest issues when you’re looking at heating and cooling issues in the home. Different ways of making glass and tighter fitting insulation has lead to reduced energy transference and improved temperature stability and therefore doesn’t negatively affect energy efficiency levels. Now, poorly insulated walls are a much more common reason for energy efficiency issues than windows.

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