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Bringing a new baby home is always an exciting time for parents. If you’re setting up a nursery in your Baltimore, Maryland, home, you may not know exactly what HVAC settings to implement to make sure your precious bundle is safe and comfortable. Use these helpful HVAC considerations for planning a nursery for your newborn.

Position the Baby Crib

The first step in preparing your nursery for the arrival of a new baby is positioning the crib properly. Your baby should never sleep directly under a vent that could blow air on him or her throughout the night. Place the crib away from the vents and registers to ensure comfort and safety. If you plan to use a space heater or fan in the baby’s room, place it a few feet away from the crib as well.

Program the Thermostat

It’s also helpful to program the thermostat in your home to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature throughout all the rooms. The ideal temperature for a new baby is between 65 and 72 degrees, so set yours somewhere in that range during the times of day when you’re at home and awake. You can let the temperature drop a bit when you’re asleep, but with a newborn at home, it’s best not to let it go too far below 65 degrees during the winter months.

Change the Filter

The quality of the air your baby breathes can impact their overall health and wellness as well. Make sure to replace the filter in your heating and cooling system often to maintain the indoor air quality. You may want to upgrade the filter to one with a higher MERV rating to filter smaller particles out of the air and protect your baby’s developing system. Regular duct cleaning is another important aspect of maintaining good indoor air quality.

At Griffith Energy Services, we offer a variety of HVAC services designed to keep your home comfortable through every new arrival and major life event you experience, so contact us at 888-474-3391.

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