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At Griffith Energy, we understand the DIY impulse. After all, the internet can teach you how to build an entertainment center, seed your own lawn, and install your own hardwood flooring. When it comes to thermostats, however, we recommend a hands-off policy — at least until after installation. When you need a new thermostat for your Baltimore, Maryland home, let us handle the hardware for these three reasons.

Dangerous Wiring

Thermostats have grown up over the last few years. They barely resemble their simple, two-button cousins of old, and they demand expertise in electrical wiring. 

Aside from the obvious risk of electrocution, you could also damage your thermostat during installation. Sending too much current through the unit, for instance, might render it inoperable. You’re better off hiring us to install it so you don’t cause injury or damage.

Warranty Protection

Some smart thermostat manufacturers will void a thermostat’s warranty if an HVAC professional doesn’t install it. Manufacturers want to protect themselves from claims inspired by user negligence. Since you don’t have experience with smart or programmable thermostat installation, the manufacturer would rather you hire an expert.

Warranties might not seem like a big deal, but they can come in handy. If your thermostat suddenly malfunctions, you don’t want to pay out of pocket. The manufacturer will pick up the tab as long as you’ve followed the rules.

Unit Performance

Thermostats function more reliably when they’re installed by professionals. We want you to get the best performance from your unit, including energy efficiency and reliable comfort. While the DIY approach might sound appealing, you don’t want to pay for it later with high heating and cooling bills.

Instead of installing your own smart thermostat, focus on your latest woodworking project or building a deck in your backyard. You won’t face as many hazards, and you’ll get Griffith Energy Services’ expertise on the project. For smart thermostat installation and other heating services, call us at 888-474-3391.

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