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Your water heater requires regular care and attention to function as it should. You should have the system regularly inspected and flushed to get the best possible performance from it. Watch for these key signs that you’re overdue for a water heater tuneup in your Easton, Maryland, home.

Your Hot Water Runs Out Too Quickly

Is your shower running cold before it should? This is a prime indicator that it’s time for a water heater tuneup. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your system to pinpoint any factors that are causing it to run less efficiently than it should. Recalibrating your thermometer may be enough to solve the problem. Flushing out the tank can get rid of sediment that’s getting in the way of hot water as well.

The Water Heater Makes Strange Noises

Does your water heater rumble or pop when it’s running? This is a sign of mineral buildup on the bottom of the tank. As the tank heats, air pockets in this sediment layer will boil and pop. This telltale noise lets you know that it’s time to have your tank flushed. This essential maintenance task will resolve the sound and improve the efficiency of your water heater.

The TPR Valve Test Fails

The temperature and pressure relief (TPR) valve on your water heater is a critical part of its construction. This releases pressure when water temperatures get too high and prevents the tank from catastrophic damage. Though rare, the valve can become clogged, which requires professional attention. Raise and lower the test lever for the TPR valve a few times. Hot water should come out of the drainpipe in a steady stream. If it doesn’t, call our professionals immediately.

If you’re experiencing one of these problem signs, don’t hesitate. Give Griffith Energy Services, Inc. a call today at 888-474-3391. Our experienced professionals will help you get your water heater back in prime condition and resolve any problems that are presenting a danger or inconvenience in your home.

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