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Cooling or heating your entire home can be an expensive endeavor, but a zoning system will keep costs in check. Find out how you can save with a zoning system in your Manassas home.

1. Cool Only Where Necessary

Zoning systems work by dividing the rooms in your home into groups based on location and primary use. The living room and media room might be one zone, the kitchen and dining room might be another, and the bedrooms yet another. Since you don’t always need the same cooling or heating levels in the kitchen as you do in the bedroom, a zoning system allows you to cool or heat only where necessary.

Zoning systems include a series of dampers that allow conditioned air to pass to various parts of the home as necessary. Having a different programmable thermostat for each zone allows you to control their temperatures independently, so you’re never needlessly using energy.

2. Keep Each Floor Comfortable

Heat naturally rises, which can make climate control difficult in a multi-story home. In the summer, excessive heat in the upper floors of your home might cause you to increase air conditioner use, while in the winter you might be inclined to turn up the heater to compensate for frigid temperatures on the first floor.

Zoning systems eliminate this frustration by establishing separate zones on separate floors. You’ll no longer have to waste energy costs on over-conditioning the entire house to make up for uncomfortable temperatures on a single floor.

3. Shut Off Unoccupied Rooms

If some of the rooms in your home go unused during certain seasons or in the absence of guests, it’s not necessary to waste energy or money on heating and cooling them. With zoning systems, it’s easy to save energy by sealing off unused rooms when they’re not in use and quickly getting them back to a comfortable temperature when they’re needed again.

How much could you save with a zoning system? Call the experienced HVAC technicians at Griffith Energy Services today to find out: (888) 474-3391.

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