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Modern furnaces have more reliable ignitions than old furnaces, but they can still have ignition problems. In Charles Town, WV, we frequently receive service calls for a furnace not igniting. Five reasons a furnace doesn’t ignite relate to the thermostat, a broken igniter, the gas supply, a clogged air filter or power surges. Read on to learn more about the reasons your furnace is not igniting in Charles Town, WV

1. The Thermostat Is in the Wrong Mode

Always check the thermostat first when your furnace isn’t turning on or delivering warm air. People sometimes forget that it’s still in cool mode or turned off. Also double-check that your set temperature is high enough.

2. The Igniter Burned Out

Igniters don’t last as long as the furnace itself, so you will probably have to pay for an igniter replacement before it comes time for furnace replacement. This type of repair is simple and isn’t as expensive as you might worry.

Don’t attempt to manually light the furnace. Modern furnaces don’t use a pilot light system like old furnaces, so you won’t be able to do this. Starting a flame near a furnace isn’t safe, especially if there’s a gas leak you don’t know about.

3. The Gas Supply Is Off

Check that your gas supply is in the open position. If it’s already open and the other gas appliances in your home are working, you most likely need furnace repair.

4. Clogged Air Filter

Your furnace might overheat and shut off when the air filter is dirty. Change your air filter monthly to prevent this problem from occurring.

5. Power Surge

Did a storm in Charles Town, WV, take out the power even for a moment? Then, your igniter was probably damaged by the power surge. Our team can inspect your furnace and fix what went wrong with it during the power surge.

If you weren’t able to fix your furnace through troubleshooting the simple fixes like adjusting the thermostat to the correct settings, you’ll need a furnace repair company to inspect it. Contact Griffith Energy Services to schedule furnace repair in Charles Town, WV.

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