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Owning a home or a business in Dover, DE means that eventually, your furnace will need to be replaced. Whether your reason for replacement is poor system performance, extensive system problems or to improve the energy efficiency or comfort of your indoor environment, we can assist you with all of your heating equipment installation needs. While a new furnace is a major investment, we offer these tips to help you save on the cost of your furnace installation service. Read on to learn about five easy ways to save on furnace installation in Dover, DE.

1. Buy the Right Size of Furnace

Our technicians will come to your home and make calculations about the furnace capacity needed to effectively heat your home or business. A furnace that has too large of a capacity will consume an excessive amount of fuel and cost more to purchase. A furnace that has an insufficient capacity will not make your indoor environment comfortable enough.

2. Look for Energy Efficient Furnaces

Look for a furnace with the highest AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) rating that you can afford. Today’s furnaces feature up to 98.6 percent AFUE. This means that your heating costs could decrease by as much as 30 percent after the new furnace is installed. Seek out furnaces that are Energy Star rated by the U.S. Department of Energy.

3. Consider Condensing Gas Furnaces

Condensing gas furnaces are the most efficient type of furnace on the market today. These systems have a second heat exchanger to convert even more of the fuel into heat. If possible, select a model that has a built-in humidification system. Adding humidity to the air to achieve a 50 percent humidity level will help you feel more comfortable even at a slightly cooler temperature.

4. Look for Tax Incentives

Seek out federal, state and local tax incentives for the installation of a new furnace. Most programs require that an energy efficient furnace be purchased. Some utility companies and fuel providers also offer incentives, as more efficient systems can also help decrease utility costs. Most of these programs are in the form of a tax credit for the year that the furnace is installed.

5. Research Manufacturer Rebates

Many furnace manufacturers offer rebates and incentives for new furnace purchases. Our service technicians can supply you with the details of this information and ensure that you receive all the necessary documentation for rebate submission. Most rebates will be returned to you in the form of a check, although some are an instant discount.

Your Experts for Furnace Installation in Dover, DE

At Griffith Heating & Air, we offer furnace installation in Dover, DE so that you can enjoy a comfortable indoor environment even when the outdoor conditions are harsh. We have been performing residential and commercial furnace installation for many years. Our technicians have built a solid reputation throughout the Dover, DE community for installations that are efficient, on time and affordable in price. No furnace installation is too complex for our HVAC experts. When you need a furnace installation in Dover, DE, our team at Griffith Heating & Air looks forward to assisting you.

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