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heatingThe warranty connected to your home’s HVAC system probably gives you peace of mind in case it breaks down. But did you know that it’s possible to void an HVAC warranty without realizing it? It happens to homeowners more than it should, so it’s important that you be aware of the most common details found in HVAC warranties:

You Must Register the Warranty

It may not seem like a piece of paper or online form is so important, but in this case, it definitely is. If you don’t register your HVAC system’s warranty, you run the risk of reducing the length of coverage or voiding the warranty altogether.

Only Manufacturer Replacement Parts Can Be Used

The manufacturer can’t force you to use only their parts when replacement is needed, but if you use parts from a third-party, may find that the warranty has been voided. While third-party parts can sometimes be cheaper, it’s not worth losing a warranty over.

Proper Installation Is Required

Just because your cousin is “handy” doesn’t mean you should trust him to install your new HVAC system. Leave this job to true HVAC professionals who will guarantee their work and do the job properly. If not, the manufacturer may believe that the problem was caused by incorrect installation.

Annual Tune-Up Is Expected

Hiring a professional technician to perform an annual tune-up on your system will optimize its efficiency, prolong the equipment’s life span, improve indoor air quality, and clue you in to any big problems that might be on the horizon. Plus, it will keep the warranty in effect.

Documentation of Maintenance May Be Needed

If you end up using your warranty for repair or replacement, the manufacturer may want to see proof of all maintenance that’s been completed. If you have this documentation available immediately, it can prevent delays in service.

For more expert advice on how you may accidentally void an HVAC warranty, please contact the friendly professionals at Griffith Energy Services. We’ve been serving the HVAC needs of northern Virginia, including Chantilly, McLean, Reston, Sterling and Fairfax, since 1970.

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