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If you haven’t noticed, the hot summer months have begun to encroach on the DMV area. And homeowners likely are looking to keep their energy costs under control and maintain home comfort. To this end, propane offers some distinct advantages.

As a home fuel source, propane powers home heating systems, water heating systems, cooking units, drying units, generators, outdoor appliances, and more. More than 12 million homes in the U.S. rely on this fuel, and almost all of the propane used in the nation was produced in North America.

Homeowners will find that propane is environmentally friendly, offers reduced energy costs, qualifies for rebates and tax credits, and allows for easy conversion. It’s also safe and reliable, with conveniently sized fuel tanks and economical storage options.

If you’re considering propane as a fuel source for your home, see the infographic below for more useful information about powering your home with this versatile gas.

propane home power

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