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Dover De is a beautiful city nestled in the vast expanse of America’s midlands. While Delaware is a fantastic place to live, winters in this region can be extremely cold. In addition, the flat topography of this region can also lead to very warm summers. The following article provides effective tips and tricks on how to maintain one’s air conditioning in Dover De. 

Most modern air conditioning systems do not require a lot of maintenance. However, there are basic maintenance steps that one should follow on a yearly basis.

Air conditioning systems often fail due to the presence of dust and other airborne contaminants inside the air circulation unit. Almost all homes have airborne dust and other debris. While regular vacuuming and cleaning can eliminate a lot of this dust, some airborne dust can still get sucked into the air intake vent of an AC system.

Most home AC systems have a permanent or replaceable air filter that blocks dust and other airborne debris from entering the air circulation unit. However, it’s important to remember that not all air filters are manufactured to the same high standards. In some cases, air filters consist of basic woven fiberglass designs. While these filters may be able to block very large airborne particles, they won’t be able to block most airborne dirt and debris from entering an air conditioning unit. 

If an air circulation unit gets clogged with lots of dirt and airborne debris, it may not operate at maximum efficiency. Like a portable fan in one’s home, the fan blades in an air circulation unit can accumulate a thick layer of grime. Once this happens, the fan motor for an air circulation unit will have to work harder than normal to force air through a home. In addition to reducing the efficiency of an air conditioner, this can increase the risk of motor burnout. 

To avoid this and other problems, it’s a good idea to have the air circulation unit cleaned by a professional on a regular basis. In many cases, a professional AC repair company can quickly and easily remove any dust buildup inside an air circulation unit.

In addition, an HVAC specialist can provide assistance with the duct work in a home. In many cases, the ducts in a home can also accumulate dirt and airborne debris over time. If this dirt and debris gets wet, it may become a breeding ground for dangerous molds, fungi and other microorganisms. Under some situations, this can can lead to a serious health issue for a homeowner and his or her family. Since some types of fungi, like black mold, have toxic spores, it’s essential to make sure that the duct work in one’s home can’t become a breeding ground for these dangerous organisms. By having one’s ducts cleaned every three to five years, it’s possible to avoid this dangerous hazard. 

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