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If you’re like most homeowners, the fuel you use to heat your home is probably whatever was already in place when you purchased your home. While this might seem like the easiest option, are you sure you aren’t needlessly spending extra money on heating or doing more harm to the environment than you would like? Propane is generally the cleanest and most cost-effective fuel source, so it’s an energy source to consider.

Propane vs. Oil

With the rise of energy prices in the last few decades, oil is now the most expensive fuel source, so propane provides a clear cost advantage gallon for gallon. Propane is also more efficient, so you’ll also be saving money by using less fuel. Propane also has the advantage of burning cleaner, so you’re saving the environment both by using less fuel and by putting less pollutants into the air. Finally, propane heating systems generally come with bigger fuel tanks, and this allows you to fill up during warm weather when prices are low and skip an expensive winter top off.

Propane vs. Gas

As with oil, natural gas is both more expensive per unit and requires you to use more fuel, so propane remains the cheapest option. While natural gas is cleaner than oil, it is still considered to be a greenhouse gas while propane is not, so propane is the more environmentally-friendly option. Most appliances that use gas can be easily converted to propane by changing the fittings connecting them to the fuel supply.

Propane Fuel Services

Griffith Energy Services has been providing fuel services to homes and businesses in the Mid Atlantic region since 1898. We’re dedicated to providing clean, energy-efficient fueling solutions and offer propane delivery from our Carl King (Dover), Hagerstown, and Meintzer (Easton) distribution centers.

If you’re in no rush or want to take advantage of low fuel prices outside of peak demand seasons, simply fill out our online order form to schedule refueling at a time that’s convenient to you. If you unexpectedly run out of fuel or are having trouble, contact our technicians at any time of day or night for emergency service. We have expert technicians standing by at 12 strategic locations to get your heat restored as quickly as possible.

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