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The long, hot Baltimore summers can take a toll on your air conditioner. Preventive maintenance before the cooling season gets into full swing will ensure your system operates efficiently, reduce your cooling costs and extend the life of your system. Cleaning your A/C coils should be a part of your regular air conditioning maintenance to promote optimum heat exchange to keep you cooler while maintaining optimum system efficiency.

What are the A/C coils?
Your air conditioner has two coils that work in tandem to keep you comfortable. The evaporator coil, found in your indoor unit, absorbs heat from the air in your home. The condenser coil, found in your outdoor unit, sends the heat outdoors. Dirty coils typically result in your system working harder to maintain the setting on your thermostat, causing undue wear and raising your utility bills.

What coil cleaning involves
Your HVAC technician will use one of three methods to clean your coils, depending on how dirty they are. 

  • Lightly-soiled coils can be blown free of dust with low-pressure compressed air.
  • Dirtier coils require scrubbing with a solution of water and a mild detergent. 
  • Heavily-soiled coils are cleaned with a foaming coil cleaner that’s sprayed on, allowed to sit for a period of time and then rinsed off. Very dirty coils may need a few applications of the cleaner. Opt for biodegradable coil cleaner when possible to reduce potential harm to the environment.

There are several things you can do each month to help keep your coils free of dirt:

  • Keep the area around your indoor unit maintained to prevent dust and debris from entering your system and settling on the coils.
  • Hose down your outdoor unit to remove grass clippings and other material from the metal fins.
  • Check your air filter and replace it when it’s dirty to help keep the interior of your system clean.

For more expert advice about the importance of clean A/C coils, please feel free to contact us at Griffith Energy Services, Inc. We proudly serve Baltimore area homeowners with a high level of customer satisfaction for over a century.

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