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It’s common knowledge that a car’s fuel injectors can become damaged when you run out of gas, but is the same true for your oil furnace? This handy guide should put all Hagerstown, Maryland, homeowners at ease.

Running out of Oil Will Not Damage Your Furnace

It’s much better for your heating system if you don’t let the oil run out, but it’s certainly not the end of the world. What happens when your furnace runs out of oil is simple: it stops working and you’ll need to order more. There’s a safety system in place in every furnace that disables the burner when there’s no flame, so you don’t need to worry about any safety issues. You may, however, need to replace your filter before resetting the furnace, so plan on having it replaced when you call to have the unit serviced.

Running out of Oil May Result in Your Line Having to Be Bled

The worst that could happen, apart from your furnace shutting off in frigid temperatures, is that a technician will have to come in and bleed the oil line. This is necessary for restarting a furnace or boiler that’s been off for a while after the oil has run out. It’s a fairly simple process, but it will cost extra.

Avoid the Problem by Not Going Below ¼ Full

You can easily avoid the issue of running out of heating oil by always having your oil tank filled when it gets down to ¼ of the way full. If you’re in good standing with your oil company, you can set up regularly scheduled deliveries based on how often you’d need to fill up from ¼ full. If your oil company doesn’t provide this type of service, keep an eye on your tank’s oil level and order more when your gauge reads this particular amount.

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