Whether you have a heat pump as your main source of warmth during icy winter temperatures in Hagerstown, MD or whether you use a furnace to keep the house comfortable, Griffith Energy Services is ready to provide fast and reliable estimates for the services that you need. It’s important to have a reliable source of heating oil for your forced air or hot water system, and Griffiths is known for its commitment to efficient supply of residential heating fuel. In addition, you can count on exceptional service when heating repairs or upgrades are needed.

Your need for a heating contractor in Hagerstown, MD may stem from a system that isn’t functioning correctly. It’s important to check your heating system long before the icy weather arrives. Chilly conditions become even more unpleasant when you can’t heat your home properly, and heavy demand for heating contractor services makes it harder to obtain repairs in a timely manner. Establishing services with a heating contractor in Hagerstown, MD for fuel delivery will enable you to have ongoing contact with a company throughout the winter, perfect if you encounter operating problems. Testing your unit during the moderate fall months, though, will allow you to contact your heating contractor right away so that repairs can be made before temperatures drop. 

Your heating contractor can provide you with information about some of the more recent technologies and systems available. Dual fuel systems, for example, can accommodate your need for effective heating and contained energy costs. Using a heat pump in tandem with a furnace can also provide you with backup heating options in the event of a failure of one portion of the system. If you solely depend on your furnace, a failure can lead to miserable household conditions. However, if you have a heat pump, then you can temporarily use electrical heating until the furnace can be repaired. It’s worthwhile to schedule a consultation in order to obtain estimates and ideas.

You will appreciate the commitment to quality service when you select Griffith Energy Services as your heating contractor. You can arrange for automatic fuel delivery services in order to be sure that you don’t run out of heating oil during the winter. You can also enlist the help of the company in assessing your home for energy efficiency. You can obtain estimates for upgrades if your system is showing signs of age. You’ll also be able to evaluate the need to perform additional home improvements to limit heat loss. Your heating service provider can let you know about current incentives available to consumers for installing energy efficient equipment. You will appreciate the expertise of the company if you are new to the Hagerstown, MD area and inexperienced in dealing with an icy mid-Atlantic winter. Regardless of the type of service needed, you can expect to receive courteous service and reliable estimates from our skilled professionals.

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