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Static pressure is an essential aspect of any HVAC system and is often misunderstood. Read on to understand what static pressure is and why it matters in your Frederick, MD home.

What Is Static Pressure?

Static pressure is the pressure that exists in a fluid at rest. It’s caused by the weight of the fluid and the atmospheric pressure. The static pressure at a given point is the sum of the atmospheric and hydrostatic pressure.

The weight of the fluid above the point where you measure the static pressure is what creates hydrostatic pressure. Scientists measure static pressure in units of pounds per square inch (psi).

How Static Pressure Works

This type of pressure is measured with a manometer, consisting of liquid inside a tube that is open to the atmosphere at one end. The other end of the tube connects to the gas or fluid you’re measuring.

When the gas or fluid is at a higher altitude than the manometer, the atmospheric pressure pushes the liquid in the tube up, and vice versa. To calculate the static pressure, you can use the liquid column height in the tube.

Why Does It Matter?

The air moving through the ductwork creates static pressure in your HVAC system. The pressure pushes the air through the vents and into your home. If the static pressure in the ductwork is too high, it can cause the air to move too quickly and create drafts.

If the static pressure is too low, it can cause the air to move too slowly and make your home feel stuffy. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a service technician check the static pressure in your HVAC system regularly to ensure that it’s within the ideal range.

Luckily, our team at Griffith Energy Services are experts in all types of HVAC maintenance. All you need to do is reach out to schedule your maintenance appointment, and we’ll take it from there.

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