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gas or oil water heaterIf you are on the market for a new home heating system, the variety of choices can seem daunting at first. By understanding the difference between gas and oil water heaters, you’ll have an easier time finding the system that will work best for you and your family. The following information should prove useful in selecting the type of water heater that will work best for your household.

Gas Water Heaters

Natural gas-fired water heaters are the most common models found in homes today, with electric water heaters close behind. This hot water system works by using combustion beneath the tank to heat the water for use. Gas water heaters are typically less expensive upfront to purchase and tend to have a relatively long life-span, often requiring less maintenance than other systems. Most homes today have a gas company connection, so hooking up the system is no problem.

Oil Water Heaters

Oil-fired water heaters are quite similar to gas water heaters but have the potential to retain a larger quantity of hot water readily available at any given time. For large families that need a reliable supply of hot water for cooking, showers or washing clothes, oil water heaters are a good option. Although the maintenance costs and energy bills may be more than their gas-fired counterparts, they have the advantage of faster hot water delivery. They do require a fuel oil storage tank, which must be filled periodically.

Sizing, Capacity and Energy Efficiency

It’s important to know the size of the water heating system you’d like to install before committing to a purchase. If you are replacing an old water heater, be sure that the dimensions of your new gas- or oil-fired water heater will fit in the available space. Select an Energy Star certified water heater for improved reliability and energy efficiency. For homeowners interested in lowering energy costs, an Energy Star rated water heater can certainly provide big savings.

If you would like to receive expert advice on the water heating system that will work best for your Mid-Atlantic area home, please contact us at Griffith Energy Services, Inc. Serving Baltimore, Hagertown, Manassas and other communities, we are a company with a proven record of quality service.

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