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With over a century of HVAC experience, we know a lot about heating systems in Hagerstown, MD. At Griffith Heating & Air, we’ve been repairing and installing heating systems in Hagerstown, MD for a long time and are always happy to give our valued customers the best advice for heating their businesses and residences in Hagerstown, MD. Our goal is to create long-lasting relationships and keep our customers informed.

Maintaining a Heating System

One of the smartest ways to maintain a heating system is to sign up for one of our affordable service plans or to schedule a tune-up twice a year. Industry studies have proven that regular maintenance increases the unit’s lifecycle up to 30 percent and helps reduce the potential of costly repairs. Your HVAC system is a sizeable investment and worth protecting with regular maintenance. You wouldn’t drive your car over 3,000 miles without an oil change. In the same manner, applying due diligence when it comes to keeping your HVAC in good condition is the same thing. 

During a regular service visit, our technicians come prepared with a long checklist. Moving parts will be lubricated, leaks will be fixed, belts will be tightened, coils will be cleaned and much more. It is also the opportune time for our technicians to troubleshoot minor problems before larger issues develop. Even a worn fan belt can put stress on other components like the compressor and result in a costly repair. By addressing the problem quickly and efficiently, other components won’t be affected. If you’re not currently on one of our preventative maintenance plans, at least call us for a seasonal tune-up. With winter nearly upon us, it’s the best way to ensure a warm and cozy winter.

Repair or Replace Heating Systems

HVAC systems are complex and present with a wide variety of problems from time to time. Some repairs are cost effective, such as installing a new thermostat or replacing a fan motor. However, there are times when a worn or old system may need a costly repair. Having to replace a compressor or switching out the entire blower assembly in a furnace is typically a costly repair. It may be a wiser decision to invest in a new heating system. In addition to paying for a costly repair, your old system is most likely not very efficient, and you are spending more on energy bills than you have to. 

Our technicians will review all the advantages and disadvantages and help you come to the best decision. They may very well advise you that it’s best to invest in a newer and more efficient unit. With a more energy efficient system, you can save up to 40 percent a month in energy bills. We carry a wide selection of top brand heating systems, including Carrier and Trane. Whether you need a hybrid system, furnace, boiler or heat pump, our technicians will help you select one of the best heating systems for your needs.

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