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Your furnace filter is a key tool for keeping the air clean in your Cheverly, Maryland, home. Make sure you’re choosing the right filter for your Cheverly furnace, so you’re getting the fresh, breathable air you need.

Check the Size

The size of your furnace filter is unique to the type of furnace that you have in your home. Fortunately, filters are well marked with their dimensions. Simply locate the filter in your system and see how large it is. If you’re not sure how to locate your furnace filter, just ask your HVAC technician at your next maintenance visit. We’re happy to give you a quick demonstration of how to make simple filter changes.

Choose Your MERV Rating

Though you can’t change the size of your furnace filter, you can change the MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating. The higher the MERV on your filter, the more efficient it is at capturing small airborne particles. Keep in mind, however, that a filter which catches smaller particles is also finer, so your furnace will have to work harder to pull air through.

A filter with a MERV of 7 or 8 is fine for most homes. If you have allergy or asthma sufferers in your family, you may want to upgrade to something between 9 and 11. Check the specifications for your furnace and make sure you’re not choosing a filter rating that’s too high for your system. A MERV 16 filter is typically used only for hospitals and other commercial settings.

Stock Up

Plan to change your filter at least once every three months. Inspect it monthly. If it looks dirty, you should change it. You can also purchase an air filter gauge which lets you know how difficult it is for your furnace to pull air through, so you can stay on top of filter changes easily.

In addition to regular filter changes, you should also schedule annual maintenance to keep your furnace clean. If you’re overdue, schedule your visit with Griffith Energy Services by calling 888-474-3391 now.

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