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Ice can form on your air conditioner or heat pump in any weather if the refrigerant inside it falls below freezing. Ice on your HVAC unit wastes energy, and it can cause damage or failure. If you have ice on your outdoor unit, turn your system off, check for problems, and contact a professional to repair any damage. Scraping or chiseling ice from your unit could cause more problems. Some of the most common causes of ice on an HVAC unit are low refrigerant levels, faulty wiring, and a dirty air filter or coil.

1. Low Refrigerant

If your air conditioner’s refrigerant is low, it probably has a leak. A professional should find and seal the leak before you add new refrigerant. When air passes over your unit’s cooling or evaporator coil, condensation forms and removes moisture from the air. Normally, the condensation runs down to a collector pan and then drains away. If enough refrigerant doesn’t flow through the coil at the right speed, ice will form instead.

2. Faulty Wiring

If your air conditioner keeps running for a long time after your home reaches the temperature you set on your thermostat, you could need the ac repaired or the thermostat changed. Ice forms when your compressor keeps working after your fan stops and air quits flowing.

3. A Dirty Air Filter or Evaporator Coil

A dirty air filter could keep air from flowing over your evaporator coil fast enough to prevent ice. Change your air filter and then wait for any ice to melt before you turn your system back on. If ice forms again, call a professional for help finding the problem. You should also have dirty evaporator coils cleaned or replaced to prevent ice.

Griffith Energy Services has more than 100 years of HVAC experience, and we can help you with ice on your unit, as well as other maintenance and repairs. Call us anytime at 888-474-3391 for great service from experienced experts.

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