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Thanksgiving is just around the corner for Martinsburg, West Virginia, homeowners. Hosting the family dinner is no easy task. You have to cook, clean, entertain, and keep everyone comfortable and cozy. Making your home comfortable is easy when you keep indoor air quality in mind.

Indoor Air Quality Killers

Everyone loves a home that smells delightful, but for everyone’s comfort, skip the pumpkin or cinnamon scented candles and air fresheners which can wreak havoc on your indoor air quality. These items emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which scientists have linked to cancer and health issues in people with asthma or breathing problems.

An old air filter creates dirty, dusty air that no one wants to inhale. Make sure to change your filter every few months, but definitely before hosting a large gathering. Choose a filter that removes allergens and irritants to make your home fresher for your guests.

Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Have your furnace tuned up to improve efficiency. A heating system that’s not well maintained can create stuffy, stale conditions that make visitors uncomfortable. As part of the tune up, your system gets cleaned and serviced so it’s in optimal running condition and ready to make your home cozy.

Keep fresh air moving with a ventilation system. These high-tech units bring in cooler, clean air for your guests to enjoy without compromising energy efficiency.

Consider installing a humidifier. Heated air is dry and causes sinus headaches, scratchy throats, and dry coughs. Allergy and asthma sufferers benefit from air with the right amount of moisture in it.

A whole-home purifier is another option for improving indoor air quality. Installed into your HVAC system, these units completely eradicate irritants and allergens in your home. You’ll enjoy a clean, healthy house with an air-scrubbing system.

At Griffith Energy Services, Inc., we offer many indoor air quality solutions. Call us at 888-474-3391 with any questions or concerns today!

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