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Thermostat placement is important for efficient heating and cooling in your Westminster, MD, home. If your thermostat installation is in the wrong spot, your system won’t cycle efficiently and you’ll end up with hazards like hot and cold spots throughout your space. Positioning your thermostat right can make a dramatic difference in your home comfort and your utility bills. Make sure your thermostat is never in these places.

Over-Heated Spots

Think carefully about whether a particular part of your home is naturally heated through any means. Is there a direct ray of sunlight that shines on that part of the wall in the afternoon? Is it close to the kitchen or laundry room where appliances like the stove or clothes dryer generate extra heat? If your thermostat is someplace with a lot of extra heat, your home will likely be colder than you’d like in other spots because it won’t trigger the furnace to turn on when it should.

Areas with Extra Cooling

Certain parts of the home are naturally cooler than others. An area like the basement gets natural cooling from its subterranean placement. You might also find that a place next to a window or door is often cooler. Keep your thermostat away from these locations. If the area surrounding the thermostat is cooler than the rest of the home, your thermostat will overheat other spots, resulting in higher energy bills.

Around Air Vents

Always keep your thermostat away from air vents. The area directly under an air vent will heat and cool before the rest of the house. If your thermostat is placed here, your HVAC system will cycle on and off too frequently because the thermostat will believe that the home has reached its target temperature long before the rest of the home has really caught up.

Rely on an experienced HVAC technician for your thermostat installation to make sure it’s placed correctly. If you believe you need to move your thermostat, give Griffith Energy Services a call at 888-474-3391.

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