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The outdoor unit of your home’s split system air conditioner isn’t visually appealing, but it’s easily concealed with strategically placed shrubs and bushes. Landscaping around the A/C unit in the right way can not only work as camouflage, but also improve cooling system efficiency. Here are some helpful tips for successful air conditioner landscaping.

Allow Ample Clearance

landscaping around the A/C unitWhen you’re planning your layout, be sure to factor in the size of mature plants to prevent airflow restrictions around the coil. Allow two to three feet of clearance on all sides of the A/C, five feet above the unit and enough space for easy maintenance access.

Add Some Shade

Consider the height of the plants you select to help shade the air conditioner. The shade from a hedge of taller shrubs or the canopy of a small tree can keep the unit cooler and cut its energy consumption by up to 10 percent. When it’s shaded, the equipment doesn’t have to work as hard, which can help extend the A/C’s life span.

Choose Plants Wisely

There are many types of evergreens available that require little maintenance other than an occasional trimming. Since evergreens don’t drop their leaves in the fall, it’s easier to keep the A/C debris-free. Faster growing, taller deciduous shrubs and trees can provide more shade, but you’ll need to rake and sweep away fallen leaves, or install a filter or shield to keep out debris.

Go Down to Ground Level

Leaving bare dirt exposed around new plantings can make it impossible to keep the coil and fan blades free from mud and dust that impair heat transfer. To avoid this, cover the surrounding ground with bark mulch or decorative stones. Before putting the material in place, wash it thoroughly with the garden hose to get rid of any fine dust.

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