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If you’re headed away on vacation, it’s worthwhile to reconsider your thermostat settings while you’re away. Your Ocean City, Maryland, home may need plenty of air conditioning to keep you comfortable while you’re home for the summer, but this same level of cooling isn’t necessary when you’re away. The same is true for your heating system as well. Adjusting your thermostat properly before you head out of town can make a dramatic difference in your energy bills while you’re on vacation.

Summer Vacation Settings

In the summer months, there’s no need to keep your air conditioner running regularly if you’re not home to enjoy it. While you’re away on vacation, you can turn the temperature up significantly, setting it around 85 degrees. This is typically better than turning the system off completely, because it will still cycle air occasionally and keep humidity under control. If humidity is left to run rampant in the home, it can lead to mold and mildew growth, which is not a surprise you want to come home to.

Winter Vacation Settings

In winter, you can set your thermostat temperatures back to save energy, but you should be mindful of potential hazards in a freezing home. Keep your thermostat around 50 degrees to prevent frozen pipes and other damage to your house.

Key Considerations

If you have pets who will be staying home in your absence, consult your vet on the best temperature for your animal’s health and comfort. Different breeds respond differently to extremely hot and cold temperatures. It’s best to learn about the proper temperature for your individual animals so you can maintain appropriate conditions for your pets’ safety.

Make sure your HVAC system is equipped to provide the best energy efficiency while you’re away by scheduling the appropriate maintenance early in the season, before you head out of town. If you’re overdue for your maintenance visit, contact Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391. We offer convenient maintenance agreements to help you stay on top of this critical task.

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