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We all want warm, cozy homes during the cold Columbia, Maryland, winters, but we don’t necessarily want to pay high energy costs. With an energy-efficient gas furnace, you can stay warm and experience lower energy bills at the same time.

Energy efficiency in gas furnaces is measured through the annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating. Any AFUE rating of 85 percent or higher is considered energy efficient. Take a look at these gas furnaces when you’re ready to upgrade to something more efficient.

Carrier Infinity 98 59MN7 Series with Infinity Control

One of the most efficient gas furnaces — the Carrier Infinity series — comes with Greenspeed Intelligence, which allows you to adjust your output in one-percent increments. This gives you more control over your fuel usage and ultimately saves money. It has one of the highest AFUE ratings at 98.5 percent, and the variable-speed blower means it’s quieter.

Carrier Performance 95 59TP5

Maybe the Performance 95 can’t adjust itself like the Infinity 98, but it’s no slouch. This two-stage Carrier furnace is an Energy Star-rated product and has an AFUE rating of 96.7 percent. It runs on a lower blower setting during much of the time the fan is running, making it very efficient. 

Carrier Comfort 95 59SC5

This single-stage unit is slightly less efficient than the other models, but not by much — its AFUE rating is 95.5 percent, which still is well above the 85 percent minimum. It also has a fixed-speed blower instead of the variable blower of the other models, making it just a little bit louder, so you will hear this one more than the others made by Carrier.

Trane XC95M

The most energy-efficient Trane model, The XC95M model, is both Energy Star-rated and comes with a 97.3 percent AFUE rating. This is a fully modulating furnace, which means it’s calibrating itself for the best performance nearly all the time. It also dehumidifies the air while it’s running — excellent for avoiding wet basements and other places you don’t want extra moisture.

When you’re ready to replace your old furnace with a newer, more efficient model, give Griffith Energy Services a call at 888-474-3391.

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