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As the Baltimore cooling season continues, your air conditioner is working hard around the clock to keep you comfortable. If you haven’t scheduled your yearly air conditioner tune-up, you may be risking a breakdown later on. Preventive maintenance by a qualified HVAC professional goes a long way toward improving your system’s efficiency, saving you money on energy costs and preventing these common A/C problems in your Baltimore home.

Low refrigerant

A low level of refrigerant will considerably hamper your system’s cooling power. During your routine maintenance visit, your technician will measure the level of refrigerant in your system and check for leaks. If a leak’s detected, it will be repaired and your system topped off with the exact amount of refrigerant for optimum performance.

Electric control failure

Over time, wires and terminals inside your A/C may become dirty or corroded, and your electrical connections may loosen, interfering with the operation of your system. Your tune-up will include tightening electrical connections and cleaning the wires and terminals to ensure proper cycling and prevent the corrosion of electric components.

Drainage problems

The condensate drain in your system prevents water from backing up in your condensate pan, which catches the condensation from the evaporator coil. Overflow can cause your system to shut down, as well as promote mold growth around your unit. Your condensate drain will be flushed during your maintenance visit to ensure proper drainage. If your drain becomes clogged, remove the obstruction with a plumber’s snake and thoroughly dry any water damage.

Dust buildup

Dust inside your system can result in a number of problems with your system. Your technician will remove dust buildup to ensure efficiency, and there are several things you can do each month to prevent buildup over the course of the cooling season:

  • Vacuum around your indoor unit.
  • Hose down your outdoor unit.
  • Change your air filter every 1 to 3 months — whenever you can no longer see through it.

For more expert advice about preventing common A/C problems, please feel free to contact the experts at Griffith Energy Services. We’ve been proudly serving the Baltimore area for over a century.

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