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The fall season is a beautiful one in Westminster, Maryland, but it’s not without its hazards. This is a prime time for allergies in the area. If you’re suffering from the signature combination of itchy eyes, runny nose, irritated skin, and frequent headaches, allergens probably have you down. Here’s what you need to know about Westminster, MD IAQ (indoor air quality) to regain your comfort.

Mold Is a Major Contender

Most people think of pollen when they’re considering common irritants, but mold is a frequent issue in the Westminster area as well. Fallen leaves provide a welcome home for outdoor molds. Leave shoes and coats at the door to avoid tracking these allergens in. Watch for mold in the home as well, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom. Make sure there’s no moisture in your HVAC system. A clogged condensate drain will create standing water and the ideal breeding ground, but your HVAC tech can clear this problem easily.

Your HVAC System Can Help

Your HVAC system helps clean and circulate air in your home. Regular maintenance will help keep the system itself in good shape. Schedule an annual tuneup for a thorough cleaning of all the system’s components. Change the HVAC filter yourself at least every three months to keep contaminants to a minimum. Installing an air cleaner or dehumidifier in your HVAC system will offer additional benefits.

Ragweed Loves to Move

Ragweed pollen is one of the top allergens you’ll face in Maryland. The pollen travels easily through the air, so you can pick it up almost anywhere. Once in your home, ragweed can settle, causing constant irritation. Dust, sweep, and vacuum often to pick up pollen. Leave the fan in your HVAC system running overnight to pull pollen up and through your HVAC filter, which is an efficient way to get it out.

If you’re suffering from persistent allergy symptoms in your home, contact Griffith Energy Services, Inc. at 888-474-3391. We can help you find the indoor air quality solutions you need for fresh, breathable air this autumn.

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