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home energy auditA home energy audit provides you a complete picture of where and how your home is losing energy, as well as the steps you can take to save energy dollars. The energy audit will also include an assessment of health and safety problems that may exist in the home.
Your experienced auditor should explain the audit process to you, which typically begins by analyzing the previous year’s energy bills to determine base energy usage. During a walk-through of your home, the pro will ask about any comfort system problems in the home and look into how your home operates in general.

Auditor’s Toolbox

To conduct the home energy audit, a home energy pro needs the right tools. Following are some of the tools and their function used during an audit:

  • Digital camera – Cameras help get a clear picture of areas in the home that may be hard to reach.
  • Infrared camera – Infrared images are taken of the home’s exterior to help determine and pinpoint air leakage and insulation.
  • Blower door – This large fan is used to find air leaks by depressurizing the home.
  • Combustion analyzer – This tool measures flue gases to determine temperature, leaks and carbon monoxide levels.
  • Moisture meter – This tool measures moisture levels in wood and other porous parts of the home structure.
  • Digital probe thermometer – This tool measures temperature rise in heating systems to help determine output and efficiency.

What to Look For

Your home energy pro is looking at all systems in the home for energy waste. Health and safety are assessed with carbon monoxide detector testing, testing for lead-based paint, humidity measurement and more. A software program crunches the dozens of assessment numbers. You’re provided detailed information about efficiency improvements and how much energy you can save in each system in your home.

For more information about a home energy audit for your Mid-Atlantic home, check out Griffith Energy Services home energy solutions, or call 888-474-3391.

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