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Regular care and maintenance are essential for the health of your heating and cooling systems. With an HVAC service and maintenance agreement, it’s more convenient and affordable to keep your system in great shape. There are many benefits to investing in this type of plan.

Annual Maintenance Visits

HVAC service and maintenance agreementOne of the most important things provided with an HVAC service and maintenance agreement is your annual tune-up. You can select plans for both your air conditioner and heat pump. Each system should receive a tune-up once a year. With an HVAC service and maintenance agreement, this visit is included, so you’re less likely to forget to delay.

Annual tune-ups will reduce your energy expenses and extend the life of your system. Catching potential problems and worn parts early with this appointment can save you from significant repair expenses later on.

Deals on Replacement Parts

Depending on the terms of your service and maintenance agreement, your replacement parts may be discounted or completely free. Both options make it more affordable for you to keep your system in top condition. Promptly replacing parts will save you from uncomfortable down times later when parts fail completely and you’re left without working heat or air. You should always have HVAC parts repaired by a professional. This ensures that all work is done properly and keeps your warranty intact.

Priority Service

Customers with a maintenance and service agreement receive priority service when they need repairs. This means that your appointment will come ahead of those for customers without an agreement. Minimize the time you have to spend without heating or cooling and ensure prompt service with the right plan.

For more information on setting up an HVAC service and maintenance agreement, check out Griffith Energy Service, Inc.’s maintenance plans or call (888)721-5707.

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