Now that winter is in full swing, you want every room of your Washington, D.C., home to be warm and cozy. If your HVAC system doesn’t heat your whole home consistently, however, you might have considered using a space heater. Find out when using a space heater makes sense and learn which alternative solutions you may want to consider.

You Need Extra Heating in a Specific Room

If one room in your home always seems colder than the others, using a space heater allows you to turn down your HVAC system’s thermostat while keeping that chilly room warm. Before thinking about this as a long-term solution, though, try to determine why the room feels so much cooler.

The Griffith Energy Services team typically recommends installing weatherstripping around the windows or adding more insulation to the room. These minor updates could make a substantial difference in your home’s temperature without driving up your household energy consumption.

You Haven’t Installed Zoning Systems Yet

If more than one room in your home needs heat, you might consider using a couple of efficient space heaters for a short period of time. Don’t consider space heaters permanent solutions, though.

Talk with our team about whether zoning systems could work for your home. Our team may be able to divide your current heating system into multiple zones so you can set higher temperatures in chillier rooms and lower temperatures in rooms that don’t get as much use. Ultimately, zoning systems can save energy while boosting comfort.

You’ve Taken Appropriate Precautions Against Fires

Before using a space heater in your home, you should know how dangerous these devices can be. They’re prone to sparking fires, so you’ll need to take fire safety precautions to use them safely. Always follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions, make sure you’re plugging the heater into a safe outlet, and set the heater to shut off automatically after a certain period of time.

From zoning systems to new heating systems to energy evaluations, our team is at your service. Call Griffith Energy Services, Inc. for all your heating needs: 888-474-3391.

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