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If you are looking for ways to save money on your home energy bills, then zoned air conditioning can provide an advantage. However, this approach isn’t right for every situation. It’s important to analyze your home and your needs before you proceed with an HVAC renovation in your Washington DC residence.

What is Zoned Air Conditioning?

The concept of zoning is pretty easy to understand. Rather than having your air conditioner moderate temperature at the same settings throughout your home, you can implement zones so that areas can be cooled independently of other zones. In some homes, this is managed by multiple air conditioners. In other homes, a common AC unit is used with multiple controls. A system of dampers and electronic components are fitted into ducts so that airflow can be permitted or stopped when the AC unit is running.

Can I Zone My Own Home?

While it may seem economical to install your own dampers and controls, it’s wise to work with an expert. Our representatives at Griffith Energy Services are trained in all areas of HVAC service, and they are prepared to analyze your home to determine how zones should be implemented. You want to be sure that you have enough zones to make the effort worthwhile. You also need to be sure that thermostats used for each zone are compatible with a common control panel that will be used for changing settings and programming the system. Carrier controls are excellent for the job, and our technicians participate in specialized training so that they are ready to correctly install your Carrier equipment.

How Can Zones Save Money?

Zoned air conditioning can save you money by targeting trouble areas without affecting other zones. A multi-level home can be tough to cool consistently during the summer. If your upper levels retain heat, you may find that your lower level is too cold as you try to bring upper rooms to a more comfortable temperature. Zoning can bypass downstairs rooms while cooling upstairs spaces appropriately. Working with a professional is important for making sure that zones are created according to your system of ducts and your structural issues.

Ductless Zoned Air Conditioning

Some homeowners find that ductless mini systems are great for improving room by room temperature control. Individual room units connect to a common heat pump for heating and cooling, and controls for each indoor unit address the needs of the related spaces. If you only need a zone for one or two rooms that are difficult to heat or cool, this can be a great solution. Some homeowners love the fact that they can eliminate energy loss that is connected to the use of ducts. Others appreciate the ability to manage each room independently and on demand. You can contact us at Griffith Energy Services to learn more about your system zoning options. We work with a variety of Carrier products for both ducted and ductless zones.

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