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During the chilly winter season in Salisbury, Maryland, you might be thinking more about staying warm than keeping cool. If your home needs a new cooling system before summer returns, however, now could be the right time to start shopping. From lower costs to easy scheduling, find out why late winter is the ideal time to install an air conditioner.

Better Deals

If you’ve ever purchased a home appliance or a new air conditioner during the busy season, you know that prices tend to be higher and deals can be scarce. In Salisbury, late spring through early fall is prime time for new cooling systems, and you won’t find nearly as many pricing incentives when the weather is warm. In contrast, late winter is the off-season for air conditioners, so it’s the time of year when you’re most likely to find lower prices and eye-catching specials.

Easy Scheduling

At Griffith Energy Services, we always strive to accommodate our customers’ scheduling needs. If you call us to schedule an installation in July, though, you’ll have far fewer time slots to choose from than you would if you call in the late winter. If your daily to-do list tends to be busy with family and work commitments, you’ll appreciate the easy scheduling that the winter season tends to bring.

Fewer Summertime Breakdowns

If your air conditioner experienced one or more breakdowns last summer, you know how uncomfortable it can be to endure Salisbury’s sweltering summer temperatures while you wait for repairs or deliberate over replacing your aging cooling system. Fortunately, there’s no need to experience the same series of events again this summer. Rather than waiting for your older air conditioner to break down again, replace it in the winter instead. By the time summer weather starts to heat up, you’ll be enjoying the cool breeze inside your home.

Ready to schedule a new air conditioner installation for your home? Call the cooling experts at Griffith Energy Services, Inc. today at 888-474-3391.

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