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For over 60 years, Aprilaire has been an industry leader in developing, manufacturing and distributing equipment designed for the indoor air quality (IAQ) industry. A division of Research Products, a company founded in 1938, Aprilaire has been responsible for identifying and quantifying many of the negative health effects related to indoor pollution and improper levels of humidity.

Substandard indoor air quality in the U.S. has reached near epidemic proportions. In a 2007 study, researchers tested over 10,000 American homes from different parts of the country and found over 96 percent had at least one IAQ issue. To further define the extent of the problem, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has categorized indoor air quality as one of the top five critical environmental hazards.

To address existing IAQ problems and help newer homes stay healthy, Aprilaire offers a number of products designed to improve the quality of the indoor environment.

aprilaire products

Air Purifiers

Aprilaire air cleaners help remove a variety of indoor contaminants including dust mites, debris, pet dander, pollen, mold spores, fungi, and many biological organisms. Air cleaners are professionally installed by certified dealers, and they function seamlessly with the building’s HVAC equipment.

Every time the system is engaged, air is drawn through a specially designed filter media that traps and contains airborne impurities. Through the action of the blower, the resulting clean air is distributed into every room in the building. Filter maintenance is only required on an annual basis but should be completed by a certified HVAC technician as part of a regular heating and cooling service schedule.


The whole-house humidification concept was introduced by Aprilaire in 1954 with the development of their first evaporative, flow-through humidifier. Today, a complete line of humidification solutions will help keep the indoor environment healthy and comfortable. Air that is too dry can aggravate respiratory ailments and also lead to dry skin, static shocks, and cracked wood floors and furniture.

Aprilaire humidifiers introduce a precise amount of moisture into the airstream to help improve comfort levels and reduce the volume of airborne irritants. In fact, improved humidity often allows for a lower thermostat setting, which can save energy and reduce monthly utility bills.


Modern homes and offices are built to standards that minimize air leakage to conserve energy. Unfortunately, an unintended consequence of greater efficiency has been the virtual elimination of fresh air exchange. Pollutants can become trapped indoors and accumulate over time.

Aprilaire whole-house ventilators constantly exchange compromised indoor air with clean, fresh air from the outdoors. Units are calibrated to a specific standard to ensure that the right amount of fresh air is introduced without affecting HVAC equipment efficiency. Aprilaire even offers a ventilation model designed to recover energy from the exhausted air, so the incoming fresh air closely matches the indoor temperature.

Central Dehumidifiers

In climates with high summer humidity, Aprilaire dehumidifiers provide welcome relief from the uncomfortable and sticky feeling of excessive indoor moisture. Especially effective for improperly designed air conditioning systems, Aprilaire makes dehumidifiers with moisture removal capacities ranging from 90-150 pints per day.

Electronic Thermostats

Aprilaire offers a full line of programmable and non-programmable thermostats for every HVAC application. Each thermostat is mercury free and provides a digital display for accuracy and easy reading. Thermostats are available for single and multi-stage systems and are compatible with virtually every major brand of equipment.

Programmable thermostats can save up to 30 percent on annual heating and cooling costs when used properly. Aprilaire’s unique design allows the user to effortlessly enter scheduling programs. There is even a communicating thermostat that can control a variety of systems, including audio, video, lighting and security, all from a single source.


For homes and offices with dramatic temperature differences between rooms, the Aprilaire Zoned Comfort Control system is an economical solution. A series of thermostats, zone dampers, and a control panel are integrated into the building’s HVAC system, so conditioned air is distributed to the various rooms only when it is needed. Zoning allows the occupants to tailor the temperature of each room to their individual preferences and also helps reduce energy costs.

Aprilaire for a Healthy IAQ

Aprilaire continues to design some of the most innovative products available in the indoor air quality industry. Their comprehensive approach can help ensure that a home or office remains healthy, comfortable, safe, and energy efficient.

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