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ColumbiaAt Griffith Energy Services, we are proud to carry Columbia heating products. Columbia has been developing and perfecting residential and commercial heating since 1936. We are committed to giving our customers the best, and that is exactly what they get when we install a Columbia boiler or furnace in their home or business. We sell and install the following Columbia heating products:


Radiant heat provides premium comfort and Columbia oil and gas boilers are some of the most reliable and efficient products on the market. With AFUE ratings of 83 percent or higher, Columbia boilers won’t burn a hole through your wallet. We sell the following types of Columbia boilers:

  • Oil fired hot water boilers
  • Oil fired steam boilers
  • Gas fired hot water boilers
  • Gas fired steam boilers


Oil furnaces are a popular option for keeping your home warm thanks to their lower installation cost. Columbia’s modern oil furnaces have AFUE ratings as high as 86 percent. We sell and install their oil fired hot air furnace, which is a great central heating system option.

Water Heaters

Indirect water heaters are more efficient than traditional options because they draw energy from your home’s furnace or boiler to heat water, which creates a combined water and space heating system. When combined with an efficient Columbia boiler or furnace, indirect water heaters are the least expensive way to provide hot water.

Pool Heaters

We know that heaters are a must for our customers with swimming pools. Columbia oil fired pool heaters are made up of a burner and boiler to keep your pool at the perfect temperature year-round.

Gas Conversion Burners

If you are interested in converting your oil fuel heating system into a natural gas heating system, then Columbia’s gas conversion burner is exactly what you need. Natural gas is the most economical, popular and efficient way to heat your home, and you can recoup the cost of the conversion over time through monthly savings.

If you are interested in a new heating system for your home or business, or need to upgrade your older heating system, give our team at Griffith a call today. We can help you choose the best products for your needs.


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Our friendly technicians are available 24 hours a day for your emergency service needs. Simply give Griffith Energy Services a call, day or night, and let one of our technicians help you with your problem. We are always here to assist you.

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