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Here’s What Some Satisfied Customers Have to Say About Griffith

A great way to help a friend or neighbor is to introduce them to a reliable and professional contractor with a well-earned reputation for integrity. Here are just a few comments that our customers have shared with us.

Barry F.

Excellent in ALL respects!!!!!!!
Have dealt with Griffith for over 30 years for heating system and added air conditioning recently.

John W.

Service arrived when schedule. Helped me keep the furnace running for another year. Thanks for the opportunity to review options to lower my heating costs.

Brad P.

Excellent job. The technicians were very conscientious, we have a house built in 1890 with plaster ceilings and they took great efforts to avoid plaster cracks. Great attention to detail in the installation of the air handler unit & duct work. Glad I went with Griffith.

Carroll B.

On May 10, 2016, we had a new furnace installed. It was not an easy job. The furnace was in a very awkward and very small area with a hot water heater right next to it. The installers were forewarned with some photos about the challenges facing them to get this job done. Promptly at 8:00 a.m. this morning 4 technicians arrived to start the installation. What a great group of guys. Somehow they figured a way to take out the old furnace without having to take out the hot water heater which was a feat in itself. They all worked diligently with skill, endurance and ingenuity. It took them a little over eight hours to do the job – keeping us informed throughout the day as to how things were going and explained things to us in layman’s terms along the way. We couldn’t have been more pleased with their performance and the quality of their work. They were also very neat and quite polite. We would highly recommend them to anyone interested in having a job done well.

Greg M.

I’m very pleased with the job Tony, Chris, and Scott did yesterday installing a new boiler. They did a great job! I’m happy to recommend Griffith to all my friends, family and neighbors!

Ralph M.

Really pleased with the work and the Griffith Company.

George S.

Very friendly, efficient and fast. Appreciate it!

Hannah H.

Very knowledgeable, courteous, felt like family; great guys!

Eric-Kelly E.

Griffith has been great! Just serviced our old furnace and they keep it running every year!

Lynn H.

I am on automatic delivery and I have only run out 2 times in 26 years of their service. If I have a problem they will come quickly to fix it. I am on the maintenance plan and I have had no problem.

Patricia S.

Very responsive! Our furnace went out at 11:00 p.m. on the coldest night of the year – we got a call back almost immediately and the service man was on his way. We had to wait for parts, but everything was taken care of right away. James did a great job and we were very satisfied.

Sol RE

Excellent service last night thank you! Past midnight and the furnace had packed up; after phoning your number and then having the technician phone me back within 10 minutes – Eddie was at my house within a further 45 minutes and analytically started trouble shooting to solve the problem. After finding and fixing the root cause, he stayed to ensure it was not tripping out any further; all done with a jolly demeanor. Thankful for this great service, especially at this time of year.

Michael B.

I am pleased to say the entire team was helpful and pleasant. Everyone arrived when they said they would and if they could not I was called ahead of time and told why they could not make it and when they would be there. All and all very good service!

Lois P.

Once again you came through, problem was fixed and cautions were taken for future issues. 100% pleased.

John A.

We have used them for 4 years now and they always provide great customer service and support. They gave military discounts and that helps.

Sybil S.

Thanks to you and Alex for the good job you did for me today! It’s feeling quite warm here at the moment! Now, you need to be getting yourselves some rest!!! I loved getting the pictures of the old/new furnaces to add to my “house book”. Love recording my “house histories”.
I will definitely be passing along my “praise of you and Alex” to my contacts at Griffith’s in MD, but, if I can add anything else for you elsewhere, please let me know. Will be looking to more work w/you in the future! Thanks!

Susan G.

Hey there Griffith Team, I just wanted to thank you all for such wonderful service that I receive on a regular basis when working with you all. From the Heating Oil delivery to the office calls, I never had a bad experience. Even when one of your Managers actually came out and fixed the furnace that actually turned out to be in need of batteries for the thermostat……..nope, he didn’t laugh at me or make me feel like the idiot I can be. So now that we have moved and don’t need your services at that address anymore, I just wanted to send a quick thank you. I have never been treated better by any other companies and that is unheard of these days. Your whole team of employees bent over backward for me and I want you to all know that you are a great business to work with! Regards and Thanks again!

David S.

First of all – many thanks to you for your pleasant assistance with setting up a price protection agreement and adjusting our monthly budget plan amount. I really appreciate your attention and willingness to help minimize our costs.

I would also like to give a “tip of the hat” thanks and acknowledgement to Ron Nelson, one of your service personnel, for his excellent attention during recent problems with our furnace. We have been having on-going problems with the furnace over the past few weeks. It has been one of those frustrating issues where it has been difficult to identify the base cause of the problem. Three or four of your service people have worked on it during multiple visits. All of them have been courteous and helpful, but Ron went the extra mile in his efforts to identify and correct the problem and make sure that we were satisfied. He is sincere and pleasant to interact with and seems to have excellent knowledge of his job. A fine employee and public face for Griffith!

Again, many thanks to you and Griffith for your exellent service and attention over the past 20+ years.

Susan G.

Once again you all have restored my faith in Customer Service! My first phone call to you was at 11:30 am on New Years Eve and by 1:30 pm 2 hrs!! you had a Technician here and the heat back up and running. That kind of response is just unheard of! It always surprises me when we have the need for your services and you all are there for us asap. No window of wait for the technician, no cold, uncaring phone conversations with the office workers. Its always a pleasant experience working with you all. Your Tech, Richard, is a wonderful, helpful and very pleasant gentleman who knows his job well. Again, you just don’t get that kind of service these days. So please give Richard a pat on the back for me. I hope you all know what a great employee you have representing your company!Only 2 hrs from the first phone call to a fixed furnace – on New Years Eve!! Amazing!

Nancy B.

My husband and I have been customers for more than fifteen years, using Griffith to heat our home in the winter. This winter the boiler was replaced and now the oil tank, just today. Everyone in the Cheverly MD office has been great. The phone calls answered promptly, clear directions on troubleshooting, prompt service calls, pleasant and thorough workmen have come to do the installations, a competent sales staff explained about the various parts of the home heating service. We couldn’t be more pleased with your company personnel. A big thank you to them all! I’m glad to recommend Griffith to other people.

Melissa P.

I just wanted to say thank you.  We just recently moved here from Florida.  Buying heating oil was absolutely foreign to us.  We were dealing with another company and were not happy with their service or customer service.  When we called your company the first time, the person on the phone was very helpful and even told us what could be done, because we were completely out of oil.  We have since ordered two more times from your company.  Every time I call your company I am thrilled.  The person (I am sorry that I did not get her name) I talk to is very courteous and kind.  Plus you do your best to deliver as soon as possible.  Thank you!

David P.

Big THANKS to Chuck for getting our furnace working again. We’d lost heat last night and he responded in about 4 hours. Problem fixed – thanks!

Linda S.

I am extremely grateful for the help I received from your office late last night in getting my furnace working again. Late in the evening, a man named Lee came from Griffith. He was extremely competent and efficient, and left after midnight, with the heat back on! I cannot tell you how grateful I am. I know this is a very busy time for you and appreciate what you did to help get my heat back on…. Without your help, I believe that I would still be waiting…and freezing!!

Diane B.

The service agreements you offer on the heat pumps and burner are the best. A few years ago we shopped around for another company, but found that nobody offered a service policy as extensive as Griffith.

Mary M.

The staff in the Manassas office is very helpful and friendly. I wish that 1/2 the people I deal with could be like them.

Eric & Karen S.

I just wanted to let you know how appreciative our family is with your excellent level of service. Your employees have always performed in an extremely courteous, efficient, and professional manner – even your drivers on the road. Everyone appears to perform in an extraordinary fashion. They often go above and beyond normally expected performance.

Yvette D.

Thank you and your staff for the outstanding services you provided to your residential customers throughout the blizzard last year. Your team was forced to operate under extreme and difficult situations, especially your drivers, yet somehow, they managed to provide heating oil under the most adverse weather conditions. Your drivers were able to make it to our home and provide a full tank of oil and for this we were most thankful. I can only imagine the challenges and difficulties that the drivers have endured. From extreme cold temperatures, to icy and snowy roads, to almost impassable alleys and driveways, your drivers truly went the “extra mile”. They are to be commended to the highest. What a sacrifice they made for customers.

Edward P.

In addition to the high quality of the work itself, we appreciated the “human touch” – the graciousness you extended in working with us during this crisis in our lives. We want to express our appreciation therefore, to you and the team, not just for what you did, but for how you did it: with competence, compassion and grace. This team was a class act and it was a pleasure working with you.


My husband and I have been customers for more than fifteen years, using Griffith to heat our home in the winter. Everyone has been great. The phone calls answered promptly, clear directions on troubleshooting, prompt service calls, pleasant and thorough workmen have come to do the installations, a competent sales staff explained about the various parts of the home heating service. We couldn’t be more pleased with your company personnel. A big thank you to them all! I’m glad to recommend Griffith to other people.

Adrian and Linda

We just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for your assistance with the purchase and installation of our new heater and a/c. Both were installed today and the installers did a great job. They were polite, professional and clean! We’re definitely happy with their work and with our new heater and a/c.

Rosemary K.

I wanted to let Griffith management know what great staff and prompt service you have! Took my service call (no heat) and put the effort to get someone out that afternoon. Tech came as promised and walked me through my furnace concerns. Thankfully there was no need to perform any repairs. I am very grateful and felt their professional actions required an acknowledgement.

John Baumgartner

Your business has a very good group of technicians. You should be proud of the rate of quality of men on your staff.

Terry and Sandy Killen

Appreciate your professionalism and great customer service. Dale May is a treasure!

Jennifer Vo

Always excellent service… the office personnel and service men are always exceptional!

Ross Patterson

On Friday night, I returned home to find no heat or hot water. I called your service line, and they dispatched “Ron”. Although he had appointments in front royal and Winchester before me, he arrived in good time. Ron dealt with the problem quickly, in a friendly and professional manner. I am very pleased with Ron’s work and his representation of Griffith. Thank you.


Mrs. Plott called to let us know that Mike Weckesser is efficient, courteous, and knowledgeable. She was impressed with how he kept parts & areas clean as he was doing his work – quick, yet careful. Also he did t/u last year and was happy to see him again this year, she said that last heating season they had no problems after he did t/u and they hope to see him again next year.

Linda Moore

Just received call from customer Linda Moore 4251263 (new tenant) and 916504 (owner). She called to compliment service tech Billy Brady on what a great job he did on an oil tank installation today. He exceeded expectations.

Cheryl Osterhout

I would like to comment on the exceptional service I have received from your staff. My family recently moved into a new home and so I am a new customer with Griffith Oil. Karen Hamilton has helped me sort out appointments, and made extra phone calls for me to help get my situation sorted out. Randy came out and did an exceptional job checking and increasing the efficiency of my furnace, as well as teaching me the ins and outs of oil heat. He also noticed that my oil tank was in bad repair, and recommended it be looked at. Don and Willis followed up, and luckily they were able to see that the tank had been leaking and the legs and joints were rusted and just about to give out. They installed a new oil tank, in a professional and efficient manner. The quality, however, that makes me write this note, is the commitment that your employees have to your company, and commitment they have to your customers. Your staff went above and beyond to make sure that my family was safe, warm and taken care of. They were also just wonderful to interact with; informative, pleasant, friendly, kind and funny. I am pleased with my choice, and look forward to a long relationship with your company.


While speaking with Mrs. Kitt this morning, she said that Mel her service technician ” he is the best service technician she has ever had with any company, that he finds the root of the problems and fixes them quickly, and that he just goes above and beyond all the others. Thanks.


I was just speaking to Mr. Rosen during our customer service feedback survey and he wanted to praise his technician who he has had for years “Chuck, is just so super and wonderful, don’t know what we’d do without him”.

Christoph Griebling

It was a pleasure talking to you on Friday. I would like to point out, that you treated me as a customer in an extraordinary and very positive way. You are very skilled and you know what you are talking about. With you it is really a pleasure to be a Griffith customer. I suggest forwarding this email to your bosses. They should know that they have with you an employee who wins customers! Thank you very much for your efforts.


Mrs. Wilson called and said Anthony Freeman answered her no heat call promptly and was very efficient. “He’s a real keeper.”

Peter Iannicelli

My wife and I recently used Griffith Oil to convert our home heating system from oil to natural gas. Errol Nicholson was Griffith’s sales/marketing representative for this project. He was terrific at every stage of the entire process. Mr. Nicholson returned every phone call promptly, was always available to answer questions, and was even a great source of information about those parts of the project that were not within Griffith’s control. He exudes an air of confidence and competence, which made us, the buyers, more comfortable throughout the conversion. I have already recommended Griffith to two neighbors who are considering converting their oil furnaces to natural gas, primarily because of my many contacts with Mr. Nicholson on our project.

In sum, Mr. Nicholson is the best sales/marketing person we have ever dealt with on a home improvement project and he deserves to be commended for his excellent work.

Susan P.

I recently (September 3, 2013) contracted Griffith Energy Services of Manassas/Berryville to install a heat pump system in my home; a home which had no previous system or ductwork. The Griffith team that completed the installation was always on time, very well organized, and worked diligently from morning to night. They not only were extremely professional and helpful with any questions, they took the extra care to ensure the equipment, ductwork, and electrical connections did not get in the way of my day –to-day activities and were totally concealed. The team did not leave until they were certain the system was working perfectly. After receiving excellent service, work quality, and a fair price, I am proud to recommend Griffith Energy to all. Outstanding company!

Sandra Peek

This note is to tell you how satisfied I am with the service and personnel in your Berryville office who located and installed the furnace for our home. The system works extremely well and has made our house very comfortable in the cold days. Chris Duckett was well versed in the options available to us and explained them quite thoroughly to my sister and me.

The installation crew was very efficient and completed the job in the time that they said it would take. They were more than happy to answer my questions about the system. Their work was clean and very neat compared to the installation of the Heat Pump that another company put in 3 years ago.

In this hurried world it is delightful to watch men who really know what they are doing, work so efficiently and precisely as they should. I had rental property in New York and wish the company that installed those furnaces had been half as good as your men!

Thank them for all their effort on our behalf and if I know of someone needing a furnace I will most certainly recommend your company.