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Boiler Replacement

Modern boilers deliver low-cost, high-comfort heating to your home or business. Because many of today’s boilers yield AFUE (Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings of over 95 percent, they are extremely efficient, which makes them an attractive alternative heating method for many. As time wears on, however, your hard-working boiler toils day after day to heat your home throughout the cold winter months until finally one day it simply wears out. And that’s when you need Griffith Energy Services to come to the rescue.

We’re proud to offer a variety of options for boiler replacement for those whose current boiler is outdated. While boiler life varies greatly based on a number of factors — such as amount and pattern of use, service, maintenance and type of boiler — if your boiler is more than 10 or 15 years old, it may be time to consider an upgrade. Today’s high-tech boilers are far more energy-efficient than earlier models, which, when compared with their modern counterparts’ mid-nineties ratings, had only a 55 to 65 percent AFUE. While better-maintained boilers should last longer, like any other well-used HVAC equipment, they will eventually wear out. At Griffith Energy Services, we can help you choose the right replacement boiler for your home or business, while providing fast, safe installation service at one of our 14 locations scattered throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Boiler Types We Carry

Our high-quality Carrier boilers include gas- and oil-fired varieties that bring the best of modern technology to a heating method that’s been around for many years. Today’s boilers boast a mix of the following features, which can help you heat your home or business more cost-effectively than with earlier models:

  • Electronic ignition
  • PVC vent pipes
  • Induced draft plan
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Integrated boiler control
  • Stainless steel, cast aluminum, or cast iron heat exchanger
  • Titanium composite, oil, or pre-mix burner
  • AFUEs of up to 96 percent
  • Heat ratings as high as 299,000 BTUH
  • Energy Star-qualified
  • Heat exchanger warranty of up to 20 years
  • Parts warranty of up to 10 years

Gas and Oil Boiler Replacement Services

When you’re having a new boiler installed, it’s important to make sure that you’re working with an experienced professional. Our NATE-certified technicians at Griffith have the knowledge you want on your side. We carry a selection of both oil boilers and gas boilers from well-known brands like Carrier, Columbia, and Utica.

When it’s time to choose a new boiler, our technicians are happy to assist. You have a lot of options to consider and we want to make sure you get the right installation for your home. Whether you’re replacing a similar heating system or considering a change to a gas or oil boiler from another type of heater, we can help you understand the differences and explore your options.

We’ll make sure your final selection:

  • Meets your home comfort needs
  • Fits your budget
  • Helps you achieve your energy efficiency goals

Reliable Boiler Installation

Our professionals ensure a safe and efficient installation for every new boiler. We offer convenient scheduling so you can choose an appointment that fits in your calendar. Our installation services are timely and thorough so you can immediately start enjoying your new system. Give us a call to learn more about the installation process, inquire about our available boilers, or request a transparent quote.

When to Install a New Boiler

A boiler that’s well cared for may last up to 30 years. To extend the lifespan of your boiler, schedule annual maintenance visits. These tune-ups will help you get as many years from your boiler as possible. Around the 15-year mark, you should start paying more attention to your boiler’s operation and consider whether it’s time for a newer model.

You will likely see some warning signs as your boiler nears the end of its lifespan. These may include:

  • An unexplained increase in your utility bills
  • Uneven heating throughout the home
  • Water spots on the floor around your boiler
  • Noisy operation

Your Boiler Installation is Handled by Our Factory-Trained Installers

The boiler model you select as your replacement heating system will receive the personalized boiler installation that our factory-trained and highly-skilled installers give every job. Their goal is a properly executed boiler setup that brings you better indoor comfort and increased energy-efficiency.

Let Our Experts Get Your New Boiler Up and Running

Whether you are located in Baltimore or one of our other locations in the Mid-Atlantic area, give us a call when you’re ready to select and install your next boiler. You’ll experience the exciting intersection of modern technology with top-notch HVAC services, a combination that will bring new synergy to your life.


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Our friendly technicians are available 24 hours a day for your emergency service needs. Simply give Griffith Energy Services a call, day or night, and let one of our technicians help you with your problem. We are always here to assist you.

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