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Ductless Mini-Split

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Ductless Mini Splits – Mini Split AC Repair & Installation Services Throughout Maryland, DC, & the Mid-atlantic 

Ductless mini-splits are energy-efficient air conditioning and heating systems that offer many possibilities for managing your indoor climate control. Griffith Energy Services provides all the ductless HVAC services you need to take advantage of this green HVAC technology, including mini-split installations, repairs and maintenance. If you want to invest in a ductless HVAC installation or need an emergency mini-split repair in the Mid-Atlantic region, turn to our service technicians for expert and engaging assistance.

Ductless Mini Split in living room

Ductless HVAC Installation in the Mid-Atlantic

Modern ductless mini-split air conditioners are a viable alternative to central AC systems for your home. Ductless AC systems feature an indoor air handler and outdoor condenser unit to supply cooling and heating to each room where installed. A single ductless mini-split can cool and heat rooms like studio apartments, mother-in-law suites, home additions and garage conversions. Multiple ductless mini-splits can work independently of one another without the need for ducts, allowing for increased zoned temperature control within a larger property. You can install each indoor handler strategically to boost room-to-room comfort and maximize energy efficiency.

Benefits of Ductless Mini-Split System Installations

There are numerous advantages of investing in a ductless mini-split HVAC system installation, including:

  • Higher Flexibility: You can use ductless mini-splits in a range of configurations and places. They’re ideal for controlling temperatures in specific rooms, whether in a single- or multi-zone setup.
  • Cost Savings: Ductless mini-splits help lower utility costs by preventing energy waste via leaky ducts or heating and cooling empty areas. In some cases, they also allow homeowners to qualify for rebates or tax credits.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ): Whereas a traditional central HVAC system requires routine duct cleaning, a ductless mini-split has multi-stage filtration. This will dramatically decrease the number of airborne pollutants and particulates in the home.
  • Fast Installation: In many cases, we can have a ductless system installed within approximately one day, whereas installing a ducted system can take much longer. We just have to run some small pipes throughout your home, so there will be no need to rebuild walls and ceilings around bulky, invasive ductwork.
  • Environmentally Friendly: A ductless HVAC system’s small size and controlled zones translate to increased energy efficiency, and they adhere to ENERGY STAR guidelines. All of this means your home’s carbon footprint will be lower.

The Technology Behind Ductless Air conditioning and heating

As we’ve already mentioned, there are two parts to a mini-split: the indoor air-handler and the outdoor condenser/compressor. These two components are linked by a conduit that contains the power cable, condensate drain, suction tubing and refrigerant tubing.

The indoor handlers can be configured in a number of ways, including ceiling suspensions, flush-mounting onto drop ceilings, wall mounting, floor standing models and more. You can operate most ductless mini-split air conditioning and heating systems using a remote control that allows you to activate, deactivate and adjust the system as needed.

Best Places in Your Home to Add a Ductless Systems

Ductless systems allow for “point of use” heating and cooling, meaning that their positioning allows for more individualized and energy-efficient comfort control. If you’re looking for a greener alternative to cumbersome and leaky ducted air distribution, a ductless mini-split installation is ideal. It’s particularly effective if you’re retrofitting a home, converting a garage or building an additional room. And they’re also perfect for any situation that would require extra cooling, like data centers and rooms that contain a lot of electronics.

Griffith Energy Services offers free consultations for ductless HVAC system installations, including single- and multi-zone setups. Our service technicians possess the requisite knowledge to guide you through the ductless AC and heating installation process.

Ductless HVAC Repairs and Maintenance in the Mid-Atlantic

In addition to mini-split installations, the service technicians at Griffith Energy Services also perform ductless HVAC repairs and maintenance. We recommend having your mini-split serviced at least once per year to ensure it’s clean and working efficiently. If your ductless air conditioning and heating system is experiencing problems, rest assured we’re available 24/7 for emergency repairs.

Mitsubishi supplies the Best Ductless HVAC INstallations

Griffith Energy Services is proud to sell Mitsubishi Electric ductless air conditioning and heating systems. Call Griffith Energy Services today to learn more about our ductless heating and cooling products and services. We offer ductless installation, repair and maintenance services in Baltimore, MD, Berlin, MD, Berryville, VA, Charles Town, WV, Cheverly, MD, Columbia, MD, Dover, DE, Easton, MD, Edgewater, MD, Frederick, MD, Hagerstown, MD, Hillsborough, NJ, Manassas, VA, Salisbury, MD, Ocean City, MD, and Westminster, MD.


Question: What is a ductless mini split, and how does it differ from a heat pump or furnace?

Answer: A ductless mini split is a type of HVAC system that provides both heating and cooling without the need for ductwork. It consists of an outdoor unit connected to one or more indoor air handlers. Unlike traditional central air systems or furnaces that require ducts to distribute conditioned air, mini splits deliver air directly to the rooms they serve, offering zoned heating and cooling. While both ductless mini splits and heat pumps provide heating and cooling capabilities, heat pumps can also be part of a ducted system. Furnaces, on the other hand, solely provide heating and require ductwork for distribution.

Question: How energy-efficient are ductless mini splits compared to central air systems?

Answer: Ductless mini splits are known for their high energy efficiency, making them a popular choice among homeowners. Since they don’t use ducts, there are no energy losses associated with air leaks common in central air systems. With zoned heating and cooling, you have greater control over individual room temperatures, allowing for optimized energy usage. Additionally, the ability to turn off units in unoccupied rooms further increases energy savings, making ductless mini splits an eco-friendly and cost-effective option.

Question: Can a ductless mini split replace my existing central air system or furnace?

Answer: Yes, ductless mini splits can be used to complement or replace traditional central air systems or furnaces in specific scenarios. If your home doesn’t have existing ductwork or you are looking for zoned heating and cooling, a ductless mini split could be an ideal solution. However, for larger homes with extensive ductwork, upgrading the central air system or furnace might be a more practical option.

Question: What are the advantages of installing a ductless mini split over a traditional heat pump or central air system?

Answer: Ductless mini splits offer several advantages over traditional heat pumps or central air systems. These include flexibility in installation, improved energy efficiency, individual temperature control in different zones, and the absence of ductwork, reducing maintenance and potential energy losses. Additionally, the compact size and quiet operation of mini splits make them ideal for smaller spaces and bedrooms.

Question: Are ductless mini splits suitable for both residential and commercial applications?

Answer: Yes, ductless mini splits are versatile and suitable for both residential and commercial applications. In residential settings, they work well in single-room additions, converted garages, or homes without existing ductwork. For commercial spaces, such as offices, retail stores, or server rooms, mini splits offer targeted heating and cooling, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency.

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