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HVAC Repair, Service Installation, and Maintenance in Maryland, DC and throughout the MiD-Atlantic

Your home or business’s HVAC system is responsible for keeping everyone in the building comfortable throughout the year. If your equipment isn’t up to the task, it’s time to hire a reputable HVAC company for an emergency heating or air conditioning repair. At Griffith Energy Services, our expert HVAC repair service technicians have the training, skills and experience to fix all your indoor climate control problems. We’re ready to rescue customers in Baltimore, MD, Berlin, MD, Berryville, VA, Charles Town, WV, Cheverly, MD, Columbia, MD, Dover, DE, Easton, MD, Edgewater, MD, Frederick, MD, Hagerstown, MD, Hillsborough, NJ, Manassas, VA, Salisbury, MD, Ocean City, MD, and Westminster, MD, from distress and discomfort. We also specialize in energy-efficient HVAC installation and preventive maintenance.

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Mid-Atlantic’s Premier HVAC Replacement and Installation Pros

A properly designed and installed HVAC system can help keep a home’s indoor environment comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient. To maximize equipment performance while minimizing operational costs, always choose a full-service HVAC contractor who’s knowledgeable in every aspect of heating and air conditioning installation and repair.

Griffith Energy Services has proudly served the Mid-Atlantic community for over a century. We offer a complete line of quality HVAC Products manufactured to meet any air conditioning and heating challenge inside your home or business.

The HVAC Installation Planning Process in Baltimore, MD, homes

It’s important to work with an HVAC contractor in the Mid-Atlantic region who understands the complexities associated with system design, whether the heating or air conditioning installation project is a new construction or retrofit application. Some HVAC contractors in the Mid-Atlantic region still use outdated square-feet-per-ton calculations to determine system capacity requirements.

Our heating and air conditioning installation designers evaluate the integrity of the building envelope and the effectiveness of the air distribution delivery system before selecting compatible HVAC equipment. In many cases, we can provide substantial energy and cost savings by downsizing the equipment without sacrificing comfort. Our HVAC installation experts will help you strike the perfect balance.

Installing Your New HVAC Equipment in Baltimore, MD, requires a Pro

After we’ve helped you select the appropriate equipment for your air conditioning or heating installation, our knowledgeable service technicians will efficiently install the system according to the engineering design. All of our lead installers are factory-trained and NATE-certified service technicians, which signifies an advanced understanding of air flow dynamics and the refrigeration cycle. We recognize the importance of minimizing the disruption associated with a new heating or air conditioning installation.

When a customer purchases new HVAC equipment from us, we’ll develop a plan based on their schedule. Every HVAC installation we complete will have a professional appearance and operate according to the manufacturer’s specifications. For those living and working in Baltimore, MD, and the surrounding area, Griffith Energy Services can address every HVAC installation challenge.

HVAC Repair Experts In the Mid-Atlantic Region

When outdoor temperatures become uncomfortable, a reliable and efficient heating and air conditioning system provides welcome relief from the winter chill and summer heat. Unfortunately, furnaces, boilers, air conditioners and heat pumps tend to malfunction when the weather is extreme, which can create health and safety issues, especially for young children and the elderly. When you need an emergency HVAC repair, you must hire a contractor with a sophisticated service department and history of treating customers fairly.

Griffith Energy Services has provided exceptional air conditioning and heating repair services to customers in the Mid-Atlantic region for over a century. We specialize in both residential and commercial HVAC repairs, servicing every recognized brand of equipment. We have locations in Baltimore, MD, Berlin, MD, Berryville, VA, Charles Town, WV, Cheverly, MD, Columbia, MD, Dover, DE, Easton, MD, Edgewater, MD, Frederick, MD, Hagerstown, MD, Hillsborough, NJ, Manassas, VA, Salisbury, MD, Ocean City, MD, and Westminster, MD.

Heating and Air Conditioning Diagnostic Repair Services

Heating and cooling systems can be complex with a wide array of high-tech components. When a unit fails, we dispatch HVAC technicians equipped with advanced diagnostic tools that can quickly identify the cause of the problem. For furnaces, this process includes testing and inspecting the heat exchanger, burner assembly, circuit boards, blower, and ignition system. Air conditioners are checked for low refrigerant, and our technicians will test the compressor, contactors, defrost controls, and fan motor.

Our 24/7 Emergency HVAC Repair Services in Baltimore, MD

We respect your personal privacy, and our goal is to maintain a low profile without disrupting your lifestyle or daily routine. Our HVAC service technicians work efficiently to identify faulty components and initiate the required air conditioning and heating repairs. After we complete the HVAC repair, we’ll ensure the work area is clean and the invoice amount always matches our final estimate.

Some HVAC contractors are very small and may become overbooked during extreme weather. When the seasonal equipment failure rate is unexpectedly high, many customers experience frustration at their inability to receive a timely service call. Our commitment to service is demonstrated through our ongoing investment in staff, inventory, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

  • All of our HVAC service technicians are factory-trained and NATE-certified, which identifies those who demonstrate a superior knowledge of equipment repair protocols and the refrigeration cycle.
  • We maintain a fleet of modern service trucks, which can be rapidly dispatched from any of our locations. Each truck is equipped with an extensive inventory of HVAC replacement parts so that you don’t have to wait long for your repair.
  • 24/7 emergency service is available for critical or catastrophic failures in the Mid-Atlantic region.
  • Our service technicians are qualified to repair nearly every brand of HVAC equipment.

For fast, reliable heating and air conditioning repair services in the Mid-Atlantic and the surrounding areas, trust the company that has been around for more than a century. Griffith Energy Services can quickly and accurately repair malfunctioning air conditioners, boilers, heat pumps and furnaces. No matter the trouble with your indoor or outdoor heater or AC unit, rest assured we can fix it fast.

Seasonal HVAC Maintenance Service Visits in the Mid-Atlantic

High-quality heating and air conditioning equipment is manufactured to be rugged and dependable through many years of service. However, critical system components experience substantial operational stress, especially during extreme temperatures. A modern furnace or air conditioner requires periodic, routine maintenance to maximize indoor comfort, minimize operating costs and avoid unexpected failures. We know how to maintain central air conditioners, boilers, furnaces, heat pumps and more.

Meticulous Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Annual HVAC maintenance for residential and commercial systems ensures the equipment continues performing according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Our factory-trained service technicians use a variety of high-tech diagnostic tools to uncover systemic problems before a system breaks down. Annual tuneup packages provide comprehensive testing of vital heating and air conditioning components like the blower, heat exchanger, ignition system, burners, circuit boards, contactors, defrost controls, fan motor and compressor. We also check refrigerant levels and record the temperature drop across the evaporator coil.

Our other important HVAC services include recalibrating the thermostat, measuring volts and amps on motors, testing the flue, cleaning the evaporator and condensing coils, changing filters and recalibrating the system for optimal performance.

Griffith Energy Services is currently providing HVAC installation, repair and maintenance in and around the following areas:

  • Baltimore, MD.
  • Berlin, MD.
  • Berryville, VA.
  • Charles Town, WV.
  • Cheverly, MD.
  • Columbia, MD.
  • Dover, DE
  • Easton, MD.
  • Edgewater, MD.
  • Frederick, MD.
  • Hagerstown, MD.
  • Hillsborough, NJ.
  • Manassas, VA.
  • Salisbury, MD.
  • Ocean City, MD.
  • Westminster, MD.


How frequently should I schedule HVAC maintenance for my heating or ac unit?
It’s highly recommended to schedule HVAC maintenance at least once a year. Ideally, you should have your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system serviced before the start of both the heating and cooling seasons. Regular maintenance helps identify and address potential issues early on, improves energy efficiency, and extends the lifespan of your HVAC equipment.
What signs indicate that my HVAC system needs repairs?
There are several telltale signs that your heating, ventilation, air conditioning system may require repairs. Keep an eye out for insufficient heating or cooling, unusual noises, unpleasant odors, frequent on-off cycling, and a sudden surge in energy bills. If you notice any of these problems, it’s best to reach out to Griffith Enegery Services to promptly diagnose and resolve the issue.
How do I choose the right HVAC system for my home?
Choosing the perfect heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system for your home involves considering various factors, such as the size and layout of your home, local climate conditions, energy efficiency preferences, and budget constraints. A Griffith HVAC expert can conduct a load calculation to determine the ideal size of the system required for your specific needs and guide you through a range of HVAC options to find the best fit for your home or business.
Can I install or repair my HVAC system myself to save money?
HVAC systems are complex and demand specialized knowledge and training for proper installation and repair. Attempting DIY installation or repairs can pose safety hazards, risk equipment damage, and might even void warranties. It’s crucial to engage a licensed and experienced heating, ventilation, and air conditioning professional with Griffith Energy Services to ensure the job is carried out correctly, safely, and efficiently.
How can I enhance the energy efficiency of my HVAC system?
Enhancing the energy efficiency of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system can lead to substantial cost savings and a reduced environmental impact. Some straightforward steps include regularly replacing air filters, sealing ductwork, installing a programmable thermostat, and maintaining your HVAC system. 
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