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To Choose a Long-Lasting A/C Replacement, Look at Lifetime Costs

If you’re looking at the possibility of an A/C replacement, give careful consideration to both first costs and lifetime costs of the air conditioner you’re thinking of buying. These costs will affect the quality, reliability, efficiency and longevity of...

Why Does Condensation Show Up on Home Windows?

A common problem in many homes is condensation on the windows. This is indicated by accumulations of moisture on window panes, frames and casings. Condensation on home windows isn’t necessarily a major issue in and of itself, but what it indicates could be....

Weatherizing Windows Helps Promote Whole-House Efficiency

Of the many places in an average home where air leaks and energy loss can occur, windows are among the most susceptible to problems that can reduce whole-house efficiency. Fortunately, windows are also among the easier areas to address when you’re looking for...

3 Issues That Could Be Costing You More on Monthly Energy Bills

There’s a lot of constructive work you can do to make sure that your home’s HVAC system is working as efficiently as possible, and plenty of ways you can cut back on your energy use overall so you can lower energy bills. However, one thing to be aware of...

Eliminate Dust from Your Home and Watch IAQ Soar

Where does dust come from? Most dust is generated by us, our pets and the possessions within our homes. Only a small amount of it wafts in from outdoors or travels in on our clothes. Once we understand that, we can take logical steps to control dust. By doing so,...

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